36 Cats with Totally Cool Markings

Here you’ll find a group of who decided to spice things up a bit in the world of cat fur patterns. Some of the little guys you’ll meet below were born with awesome symbols in their fur that allow them to wear their hearts on their sleeves. Others among them seem to be less enthused with their unique markings, which make them appear to be wearing full-time faces or doing a permanent impression of a historical figure. Regardless, these little guys and their awesome fur are sure to put a smile on your face!

So scroll down to get a load of the coolest cat fur patterns around! The feisty furballs in these cat are ready to strut their stuff and shamelessly remind the world that “different” is sometimes just another word for “way more interesting than everyone else.

Harvey Dent's Cat Takes After His Multi-Faced Father

This Little Lady Wears Her Heart on Her Fur

The Way to This Man’s Heart Is Through His Belly

This Blue-Eyed Beauty’s Nose Is Like a Target for Kisses

Old Man Neighbor Cat Says, “Stay Off My Catnip Lawn!”

A Second Kitty Hides Within This Cat’s Fur

This Feisty Little Villain Is Always Ready for a Good Mustache Twirl

This Furosious Little Fellow Swears His Granddad Was a Tiger

Electric Shock Cat Warns You of the Dangers of Electric Sockets

This Calico Cutey Works a Heart Into Her Look

These Masked Little Men are Ready for the Next Heist

This Guy’s Adorable Markings Are Always Ready for the Next Surprise Party

This Little Lover Boy Says, “Chin Up”

BatCat Will Look Into Your Complaints of Crime After His Nap

This Little Ninja’s Ears Blend Into the Shadows

Cheetah Cat Finds His Resemblance to His Wild Cousins No Coincidence

Black-Eyed Cat Says You Should See the Other Guy

This Little Guy Is Like a Walking Billboard for Love

Salt and Pepper Cat Ages with Grace

This Little Guy Always Suspected He Was Part Owl

This Cat with a Big Heart

This Tiny Top Hat-Wearing Fellow Bids You Good Day

Post-Modern Cat Is Feeling Especially Trendy Today

Ink Blot Cat Studies Your Psychological Associations with His Face

Hypnotist Cat Tells You to Look Into His Fur

If You Look Closely, You’ll See a Cat Profile in This Guy’s Fur

The Mysterious Mustached Man Is Ready to Dart to Your Aid

Day of the Dead Cat Admires Your New Hot Topic Tee

This Foxy Little Gal Channels Her Inner Jack Sparrow

Warrior Cat Is Ready for Battle

Wise Old Man Cat, Wears His Furs Like He Wants

Good Neighbor Cat Says, “Hi Dee Ho”

Curly Kitty Assures You His Mopping Skills Are Not as Apt as You Might Assume

“Seriously? Out of All the Famous in All of ?”

This Little Dude’s Fur Makes Sure There’s No Confusion About His Species

“Look, Robin! It’s the Bat Signal!”

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