37 Actresses Who Filmed While Pregnant

Who is the most famous actress who filmed while pregnant? Julia Roberts tops our list. Julia Roberts was pregnant with twins during the production of her 2004 film Ocean’s Twelve. Naomi Watts learned that she was pregnant two weeks into the shoot for her 2007 film Eastern Promises. Ironically, she plays a midwife who longs for a child in the film. Helena Bonham Carter was pregnant with her first child while filming the 2007 film Sweeney Todd, which was directed by her partner Tim Burton.

Several television stars have also filmed while pregnant. Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant with her first child during the filming of “Sex and the City” season five. The season was only eight episodes, so Parker did not have to work later in her pregnancy. Julia Louis-Dreyfus was pregnant while filming “Seinfeld” season three. She used large props like pillows to cover up her pregnancy.