39 Amazing Old People Wearing Funny T-Shirts

These old , however, are making bold statements with their wardrobe choices. The T-shirts these sweet grandmas and grandpas are wearing are rude, crass, and downright hilarious. Whether they’re fully aware of the on their clothes or their grandchildren convinced them that these shirts aren’t as bad as they actually are, the elderly people in these pictures are displaying their senses of the best way they can: on their clothing.

This Guy Who Makes His Argument with Bullet Points

These Two Who Have Separation Anxiety

This Man Who Also Has a Smart Ass

This Sweet Grandma Who’s Ready to Party

This Guy Who’s Enjoying a Stroll Through the Park and the Sunday Paper

This Old Lady Who Loves Floral Patterns

This Playa

This Woman Who’s Proud of Her Confession

This Dude Who’s Starring in Dick’s Back In Action, The Sequel

This Nun Who’s Keeping it Real

This Grandma Who’s Smiling Because She Just Poisoned Your Dessert

This Woman Whose Shirt Refers to Old People Breaking Hips

This Grandpa Who Isn’t Afraid to Express Himself

This Guy Who Wore His Matching Dentures

This Guy Who’s Seriously Celebrating

This Woman Who’s Throwing Shade and Knows It

This Nice Lady Who Grills Like a Boss

This Old Lady Who You Should Seriously Watch Out For

This Old Dude Who’s Casually Shopping for Produce

This Sweet Lady Who Will Probably Bake You Cookies

This Guy Who Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

This Man Who Needs Reading Glasses to Read His Own Shirt

This Lady Who’s Hopefully Not a Biter

This Dude Who Powers a Sex Machine

This Guy Who’s Loving to Hate

This Woman Who Has More Money Than She Knows What to Do With It

This Player Whose Sneaks Pull the Whole Ensemble Together

This Dude Who Knows What’s Up

This Grandpa Who Sticks to His Own Age Group

This Lady Who’s Laying it All Out There

This Man Who Hopefully Has No Need for Condoms

This Guy Who’s Daydreaming About His Shirt

This Woman Who’s Still Raking in the Dough

This Grandpa Who’s an East Coast Die Hard

This Old Dude Who’s Just Stating the Facts

This Old Man Who’s Still Hip and

This Woman Who’s Mixing it Up With Her Pants and Book

This Guy Who’s Lowered His Standards

This Guy Who Planned for the Future