39 Bizarre Toilets From Around the World

Here’s a collection of the some of the weirdest toilets in the world, featuring both strange urinals and hilarious toilet boals. Using public bathrooms is already slightly uncomfortable, but these toilets take that feeling to the next level. Would you want to do your business in a toilet made of ice? How about pee into a urinal shaped like lips? All of the toilets on this list are fascinating in their own right, and most were certainly built as novelties.
Vote for the toilets and urinals you find most fascinating, and downvote the ones you just don’t give a crap about.
Usually, people like to use toilets that are not much fancy. Most people like to use simple and clean toilets. This is what you expect when you enter in a public or personal toilet. What to say about creative people. Creative people are so creative that don’t leave toilets too. Here I have collected 39 most funny and creative toilets around the world. These toilets are art pieces. Some are so creatively designed that you won’t even like to use them. While some are so scary. Here are funny and creative toilets you would not like to use.