40+ Funny Spelling Mistakes by Kids Who Don’t Know Better

Kids say the darndest things! Even when they’re completing some innocent school work or writing a sweet letter to Santa. When kids and the English language mix, hilarious mistakes are bound to be made. Maybe it’s the fault of adults who have dirty minds, but this list of funny spelling mistakes made by children has some of the raunchiest sentences ever.

The words “beach,” “cook,” and “bike” are often misspelled by kids, and I bet you can even guess what they wrote instead. The dirty phrases from these well-meaning kids will make you giggle every time. Hey, English is hard! It begs the question: Did the parents of these kids choose to explain that these words are downright inappropriate and wrong, or did they just quietly correct the spelling and move on with their lives?

Either way, check out this list of hilarious misspellings by kids, and try not to let your mind go to too dark of a place! Rank your favorite picture and if your kid creates a masterpiece that deserves to be on the list, add it and see how it stacks up against the rest!

Jesse Pinkman Goes to the Beach

They’re Going Back Where They Came From

Can You Believe Mom Said No?

She Loves Them for Exactly Who They Are

That Hat Isn’t Helping the Situation

At Least It Smelled Good

Ms. Edwards Is Starting Them Young

It’s a Serious Medical Issue

Good for You, Buzz. You Do You!

Everybody Has One!

Don’t Let This Elephant Near Your Crotch

Technically She’s Right

This Is Exactly What the Homophobes Are Afraid Of

That’s No Way to Say Goodbye

Not Until You’re Older!

Uh, Thanks Son. You Shouldn’t Have!

Timmy Calls It Like It Is

The Bad Part Isn’t Misspelled, but Still…

I Really, Really Hope Not

So Young and They’ve Already Decided?

Not Eminem, Ms. K!

Me Too, Kid. Me Too.

As Grateful as It Is Nonspecific

Abraham Lincoln Was a Spring Piggy

I Mean, Who Doesn’t?

Jade Is Right to Want to Get Rid of Him

Future Mammogram Technician Here?

Chum? Maybe They Meant Chum Bucket?

“Did You Mean Kurt?” “I Know What I Wrote, MOM.”

Probably a Program Coming to VR Soon

This Sounds WAY More Sexual Than It Should

I Don’t Even Know What This Was Supposed to Say

Maybe They Just Don’t Like Their Outfit

Yeah, Mom! That’s Gross.

I Wonder If the Teacher Knows This Kid’s Dad

This Would Be a Totally Different Phrase with a Comma

The Kids Know What They Want

Someone Is Getting Coal for Christmas

We Live in a Gender Fluid Society, Right?

Just Wait Until You Get to College