40 Local News Captions You Won’t Believe Are Real

Sure late night talk shows are , but if you’re looking for the best brand of comedy on television, look no further than your local news. Every night local news stations produce captions, story titles, headlines, and clip graphics that are too insane to make up. You could trap the greatest comedians on Earth in a room together and they couldn’t come up with anything half as as what the local news comes up with for their captions every night. These certainly aren’t news stories, but they certainly are news story titles. You know, the words that pop up on the screen explaining what the news anchor is talking about that clearly no one cared to proofread before throwing them up on .  So go ahead and vote up your favorite local news captions that had you laughing out loud!

A Fact of Life

This Woman Is Clearly Nuts

Go Home Local News, You’re Drunk

When the Cat’s Not Away

To Catch a Predator and Take It for a Walk

When in Walmart

No Butts About It

Eat My Shorts!

The Skin Trade

Local News Logic

Hail to the King

Raising the Red Flag

Meanwhile in Detroit…

Job Well Done

They Knew What They Were Doing

Back from the Future

When You’re Not Invited to the Pants Party

Easy New Diet Plan

What’s in a Name?

Somebody Better Find It!

He’s the Sh*t!

I See What You Did There

Dude, Where’s My News?

Meat and Greet

Well, Are They?

Future Sith Lord


Nothing but the Breast

Recipe for Disaster

Word to Your Mother

Put a Sock in It

Hood Rat Victim

Clearly Norman Has Never Been on the Internet

The Other Bill Cosby Allegations

Down in the Dumps

Too Cool for School

Stop Kidding Around