41 Inanimate Objects Who Look Terrified

Can you blame a traffic barrier for being a little nervous about his future? What about a bell pepper that has just been sliced in half? Being an inanimate object can be scary. This gallery of things that look scared includes a bunch of unfortunate items who have seen some sh*t. Their… faces are permanently frozen in expressions of sheer terror. What evils have they seen? They’ll never talk, but if you listen closely, you can almost hear all of these poor scared objects being like “AAAHHHHH!!!!” Vote up the things that look the most frightened.

This Bell Pepper

This Doomed Hardware

This Pepper

This Bottle Opener

This Building

This Chocolate Bar

These Pots

This Sunglasses Area

This Tree

This Bottle Opener

This Brick

This Go-Cart

This Razor

This Poor Guy

This X-Ray Machine

This Bagel

This Blinded Charger

This High Chair

This Air Hockey Table

This Pickle

This Dam

This Rusty Cheese Grater

This Cadbury Creme Egg

These Bubbles

This Church

These Seats

This Faucet

This Melting Snow

These Toothbrush Holders

These SpaghettiOs

This Thing Stuck on the Train Track

This Bathroom Wall

This Phone

These Kitchen Tools

This Controller

These Traffic Barriers

These Fan Blades

This Toothbrush Holder

This Trash Bin

This Lamborghini Seat

These WiiMotes