42 Times Unfortunate Mirror Placement Ruined Everything

Mirrors are supposed to be your friends. They let you know when your hair is jacked up, or if anyone drew on your face while you were asleep. But sometimes, with poor mirror placement, that sweet, sweet reflective glass can be your mortal enemy. If you’ve ever taken a super hot selfie only to realize that your bathroom mirror exposed all your terrible cleaning habits you know the embarrassment that unfortunate mirror placement can bring. Although, if you’re on the receiving end of a mirror picture, then you’ve probably given thanks to Justus von Liebig (inventor of the mirror). This list is a collection of mirror pictures from across the Internet. Whatever you do, don’t laugh too hard, because you might be the next victim of the unfortunately placed mirror.  Almost any reflective surface can make for a mirror pic. Tea kettles, televisions, and restaurant booths are just a few examples of the makeshift mirrors on this list. Usually, these lists are meant to provide a laughs and not make you think too much. But if there’s a lesson to take away from these mirror photos it’s this: Put on some pants. Or if you’re going to take photos in the nude always double check your pics before you send them out. 

He Must Make a Lot of Tips

Nothing Says Family Dinner Like Grandpa in His Underwear

Shopping Online for the Right, Well, You See It, Is a Delicate Art

When Bae Forgets to Put on Her Makeup

How Embarrassing, They Wore the Same Shoes

Artists Work Better in the Nude

Lookin’ Good, Gurl!

F***in’ Mirrors, How Do They Work?

Expert Photobomb

It’s Always a Good Time to Check Yourself Out

You’ve Got to Air Those Things Out

The Last Thing He Saw Before Leaving for Prom

You Just Couldn’t Wait Until You Got Home?

Every Day Is Upper Body Day

That’s One Way to Get Tips

Were People Bidding on the Dress or the Girl?

Hi, Mom!

He’s Staring Into Your Soul

Uh Robin…You Might Want to Move Your Hand

Try to Be a Bit More Discrete

Selfies Can’t Wait

Just Some Casual Girl-on-Girl on the Train

That’s One Way to Know If You’re Being Followed

Maybe She Just Wanted to Show Off Her Bathroom?

Thank God She Hid Her Face

That’s One Way to Boil Your Water

The Classic, “LOL Bae Caught Me Slippin.”

Classic Mirror Bomb

Having Fun in There?

Maybe She’s Upset That There Isn’t Any Traffic?

Does It Come With a Complete Lack of Self Awareness?

There’s Always Next Time

Next Time, Put on Pants

Legs for Days

For the Love of God Please Put on Some Pants!

Hopefully This Photo Boosted the Value of the Home

Vishnu Gets a Haircut

Where Do You Pick Up a Hybrid Civic Mercedes?

Can Bus Stop Ads Go Out on Dates?

The Perfect Dresser for Staring at Your Junk

Dog Poop on the Floor Is Never Sexy

Child Labor

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