43 MORE Things That Seem Horribly Unsafe

There are lots of reasons safety laws exist and every person on this list is one of them. Every single one of the things happening in these unsafe photos is an accident waiting to happen; a horrifying, horrifying accident. If every possible accident on this list happened, the Looney Tune level of gore that’d ensue would be the only thing you could think of for years. Every stupid person on this list is a walking advertisement for the fact that we still don’t have enough safety signs. You wouldn’t think that’s the case since there’s a sign for damn near everything you can think of, but we need a lot more signs. Signs should line the walls of every building, if this list of safety fails is any indication of how people are living their lives out there. 

Have you ever had construction going on across the street from you, so you’re forced to look at a bunch of people whom you assume know what they’re doing? Well, they might not know what they’re doing. Not exactly. Or maybe not at all. Like at all.