The 26 Creepiest Real Pictures of Ghosts

Need a Lift

This photo was taken in 1959 by Mrs. Mabel Chinnery at the cemetery where her mother is buried. The photo clearly shows her husband sitting in the car, but there is also a mysterious man lurking in the backseat.

Photo Bomb

This photo was taken in the Philippines in 2000. It appears that a ghost is grabbing the arm of the girl on the right side of the photo.


This photo was taken in 1997. The woman in the photo is the photographer’s grandmother and the man behind her appears to be the photographer’s grandfather who passed away in 1984. No one noticed the ghostly image until the grandmother also passed away.

World War I

This photo of Sir Victor Goddard’s World War 1 squadron was taken in 1919. In the back row, the face of Freddy Jackson, who was killed days earlier in a freak accident, can be seen peeking out behind one of the squadron members.

Creepy Staircase

This photo was taken by Rev. Ralph Hardy at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich in 1966. The identity of the ghost is unknown.

Brown Lady

This photo was taken in 1936 by Captain Provand and Indre Shira and it was published in a 1936 edition ofCountry Life magazine. The ghost is believed to be Lady Dorothy Townshend, as she is said to haunt this staircase of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England.

Ghost of Lord Combermere

This photo was taken at the Combermere Abbey library in Cheshire, England in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The ghost is believed to be Lord Combermere, who was killed after being hit by a horse-drawn carriage in 1891.

Hotel Ghost

This photo was taken by Victoria Iovan in 2008 at the Decebal Hotel in Romania. Sightings of the ghost of a tall woman had been reported at the hotel for years.


This photo was taken as a family moved into their new home in Chicago. Two ghostly faces appear to be looking out the back door as they pose for the picture.

Running Ghost

This is a still frame from a video taken in 2008 at Colonial Park Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. It shows what appears to the ghost of a child running through the graveyard.

Stanley Hotel Ghost

The Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King to write The Shining, was already pretty creepy. But in 2016 it got even weirder, when guest Henry Yau captured the above photo, complete with probable ghost.


This photo was taken by Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in 1963. The ghost in the photo is unidentified and only appeared after the film was developed.

Brotherly Ghost

This photo was taken at a spiritualist convention in Los Angeles in 1969. The man in the photo is Robert A. Ferguson and he believes that the ghost is his brother who died in .

Dinner Crasher

This photo was taken at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Austria in 1988. The photo depicts a blurry woman at the table, whom none of the guest had ever seen before.

Ghost in the Graveyard

This photo was taken by Terry Ike Clanton at Boothill Graveyard in modern times, but it was taken in black & white to have a vintage appeal. Above the subject’s left shoulder, a ghost can be seen amongst the tombstones.

Bachelor’s Grove

This photo was taken by the Ghost Research Society at Bachelor’s Grove cemetery in the Chicago suburbsin 1991. The cemetery has had reports of countless ghostly incidents.

Baby Ghost

This photo was taken by Mrs. Andrews in Australia in the 1940s. When she developed the photo of her 17-year-old daughter’s grave site, an image of a small child appeared in the photo.


This photo was taken at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. A ghostly figure of a little boy appears in the bottomright corner of the roller coaster photo.

Classic Ghost

The details of this photo are unknown, but a wispy ghost can be seen in the upper right corner of the image.

Fallen Soldier

This photo was taken at a cemetery in Tennessee. As the man in the photo looks down at a tombstone, an image of a Confederate soldier can be seen in the upper right corner of the picture.

Hungry Ghost

This photo was taken at a Godfather’s Pizza in 2000. People who were present at the time this photo was taken claim that the ghostly image could also be seen with the naked eye.

All Aboard

This photo was taken in San Antonio, Texas, by some girls who wanted to see if there was a ghost haunting the area as they had heard. An image of a young girl appeared in the shot after it was developed.

Need a Hand

This photo was taken in the early 1900s. There appears to be a hand clutching on to the bureau.

Haunted Castle

This photo was taken in 2008 at Scotland’s Tantallon Castle, which is famous for its ghostly occurrences.

Floating Face

This photo was taken at the at the Blackpool Waxworks in the U.K. in the 2000s. An inexplicable face appears in the window over the subject’s left shoulder.

Brown Palace

This photo was taken by Robert E. Brown at The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver in 2005. The hotel is frequently mentioned as one of the most haunted places in the U.S.

Skeleton Ghost

This photo was taken in 1985 by Christophe DiCesare at the Erie Hall Dorm at Geneseo State University. A skeleton can be seen to the right of the man in the photo. DiCesare later learned that a student killed himselfin the dorm years earlier.