Unsafe Construction Photos of People Who May Be Dead Now

Who would actually think that putting one ladder on top of another ladder is a good idea? Well, no one, but sometimes if you’re in construction, all that matters is if you get the job done on time. And while you may feel a little guilty laughing at these construction workers and their crazy unsafe work conditions, there are some seriously¬†funny photos of construction sites below.

This Will End Very Poorly, Right?

Why Wouldn’t You Just Get a Taller Ladder?

Will the Electricity Get Him First, or the Fall?

This Isn’t an Unsafe Construction Photo, It’s Clearly a Murder About to Happen

Sure, This Looks Wildly Unsafe but Why the Ski Mask?

Just Two Frail Sticks Between You and Three Tons

“Order Another Crane?? Nah, We Got This.”

Shouldn’t He Be a Little More Concerned?

This Whole Picture Screams “NOPE!”

The Saran Wrap Serves as Safety Goggles AND Keeps Out Dusty Air! Smart!

The Stakes are High in This One

I Wonder How They Convinced This Guy to Do This

Now There’s Some Quality Vintage Stupidity

Whatever Works?

Sort of Missing the Point of That Helmet

This Has to Be Photoshop, Right?

“Don’t Worry, Bob, I’ve Got You!”

Safety First?

If That Crane Moves, He’s Doomed

Here’s Hoping They All Make It Out Alive

Yeah, These Guys Look Like They Probably Know What They’re Doing

Is He TRYING to Fall to His Doom?

Is He Just Doing That for Fun?

Whatever They’re Trying to Accomplish Today, There Has to Be a Better Way

If No One Died, Does That Show How Sturdy the House Is?

You’re Supposed toBe Secured to That, Somehow, Right?

How Does Anyone Think This Is a Good Idea?

That’s… Not How You’re Supposed to Use That

What Exactly Is Holding These Guys Up?

This Seemed Like a Better Idea in Theory Than in Practice

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