45 of the Trashiest Things Ever Posted on Facebook

These days, we are deep into the era of . Everybody and their mother has a and is using it to update their friends and acquaintances about every single event in their life–which inevitably gives the rest of us plenty of entertaining , statuses and super trashy posts to send around and laugh at. We all have that one Facebook friend whose is a constant trainwreck of too much information and bad life decisions. Ā Ā 

These are people we used to work with, people we went to school with, or even childhood friends. Whether it’s a selfie from prison visitation, an argument over baby-daddies, or a picture of a brand new tattoo, these posts help us put our own lives in perspective.Ā  Some of these are funny, some have a hint of sadness to them, and all of them are almost too crazy to believe. Who needs Maury in the age of the ? Sometimes the trashiest people are just a few friend requests away.


Not Again!

Only Slightly Used

Future Centaur Selfie

Starting Off Young

Windex That Mirror

Very Considerate

Like a Thief in the Night

My Ex Is My Stepdad

Smokin with My Baby

Everybody Needs a Plan

Pay Your Tab

That Is Hard to Believe

Silver Lining


Never Again

Get Your Facts Straight

Free My Daddy

One for the Living Room


Labeled for Convenience

A Match Made in Court

Thai Food? Must Be Serious

Lol! Mom Is So Silly

Sounds Legit

Didnā€™t Last Long

Say Cheese

Perfect Trolling

Whooo Cares

3 for 3

Yep, Definitely Have Cancer

Not the Lottery

Donā€™t Leave Stuff at Her House

Postponing the Wedding

Epic Photoshop Skills

All-Caps Means Business

Right in the Booth

Chairish This Moment

Just Laugh, Mom

Heā€™s the Hero This City Needs

Game Set Match

Sheā€™s 21 Years Old

First and Last Name

Still Lookin Good

A Cheap Tattoo Alternative

Black Is the New Orange