47 “UGH, I Hate When That Happens” Pictures

If you’re any kind of human being you hate it when at least half of these things happen. You don’t necessarily have to be as “get off my lawn” about it as the list suggests, but at least a few of these things do bother you. Some of these are outright disasters, some areĀ pet peeves, a lot of them are annoying, but all of them suck. These are the types of things that a sane person wishes on their enemies. Not death, not extreme misfortune, but smaller, more possible, manageable stuff: like leaving their keys in their car, biting down on a beef jerky freshness packet, or rain right after they’ve washed their car. This is all perfectly normal stuff to be annoyed by, so vote up the things you hate the most. They don’t have to send you into a blind, hulking rage, but if they areĀ things that bother you, then vote them up. It’s a “light” hate.

The worst thing about some of these is that you can blame a person. Like, there’s a person at fault for most of these things, which is what really makes it worse. Someone, somewhere along the line, got lazy and now this stupid, obnoxious thing happened. You’re not safe from any of these things happening to you in your every day life and when they do not only do you hate that they happen, but you’re filled with dread because you know they will probably happen again. To you and/or someone you love. Soon. Dread it.