Guys Who Used Photoshop to Score Hot Girlfriends

  1. Long Distance Photo Relationships Are Tough

  2. Seems Legit

  3. They’ll Always Have Imaginary Paris

  4. Just Waking up with Megan Fox, My Real GF

  5. Fake Girlfriend Hover Hand

  6. Nice Hand Detail

  7. Maxin and Relaxin’ All Cool

  8. Go Big or Go Home

  9. She’s Just Along for the Imaginary Ride

  10. Hentai or Die Tryin’

  11. My New Girlfriend Has Three Arms

  12. Lighting Seems a Bit Off

  13. Keep It Austere

  14. This Could Be Us but You Don’t Exist

  15. Aloha from Fake Hawaii! I’m the Ghost Boy!

  16. Really Fake Blondes Have More Fun

  17. Distance Really Does Make the Heart Grow Fonder

  18. Sorry, Biebs. She’s Mine Now

  19. Bro, Do You Even?

  20. She Likes When I Claw Her Arm like This

  21. Never Been Kissed

  22. Life’s a Beach Thanks to Photoshop

  23. The Other Way to Date Sasha Grey

  24. Hit the Bricks, Pal

  25. Does Brad Know?