50+ American Flag Bikini Babes Bein’ All USA and Stuff Wooo

American flag bikinis. Nothing says “I love fun AND my country” like this gallery collection of endless (well, at least 50+) wearing stars and stripes bikinis, or USA swimsuits, or whatever they’re called. Either way, there’s something weirdly sexy, or trashy, or a je na sais quoi, that makes these bikinis the best kinds of swimsuits (because you also gotta love the impressively imaginative, tiny, one-piece American flag swimsuits too).

Anyway, stay tuned. Read the captions, check out all the hot girls, and witness the butchering of the difference between an American flag bikini, a red striped swimsuit, and girls just holding Old Glory herself. (Does anyone still call the US flag “Old Glory,” by the way?)

Vote up the cute models you’d actually want to talk to, and probably ruin their day, at the beach, at a BBQ, at the post office, or wherever girls wear these USA print bathing suits. 

Vote down the hot girls that you’d hate to talk to because you have low self-esteem or because their American flag bathing suit looks like it’s from Target or something.

Hot girls in bikini! Check out these hot girls in swimsuits!

Testing the Tensile Strength of Her Friend's Bikini

Conveniently, Her Hair Is Also a Rug

The Sun Never Sets on the Red White and Blue

Kate Upton, Duh

Cindy Crawford Makin It Rain 90s Up in Here

Bet You Anything She’s Gonna Be So Mad When Her Hair Gets Wet

When She Wants More Attention Than the View, She Gets It

Practicing Their Mardi Gras Lean Postures

Kathy Ireland When Someone Told Her She’d Be Known for KMart Later

Candice Swanepoel (Or the Other One, If It’s the Other One) Is VERY Mad at You

Some Chick in Those Fun-To-Climb Trees in Hawaii

The Weirdly Bashful Model

Playmate and Gamer Amelia Talon!

Stunning, Beautiful, Aging Models

Tip of Her Brain: She Can’t Remember the Quadratic Formula

Tramp Stamps, Blonde Girls and Flags

With A Literal Pound of Makeup, Pamela Anderson Still Looks Pretty Good

Some Chick Snuck Into the Garden from Game of Thrones

D’Awwww! She’d Get Killed Instantly On a Battle Field, but Awww!

Buncha Dead Seals in the Back

Ashley Sky Tricking Her Body Into Thinking It’s Eating

Worst Hangover Ever

She’s Judging the Couple With the Dog

Kinda Counts, but Also Best Kesha Picture Ever

Some Chick That Looks Skinny Sitting Down, Which Is Crazy

Some Girl in a SWIMsuit With Super Dry Hair

A Airquotes Real Airquotes Airquotes Housewife Airquotes

If You Know This Girl’s Name You’re a Pervert

Emily Ratajkowski in a Boring Apartment

Oh Good, Now Just Like Half Her Forehead Won’t Burn

Heidi Montag Before She Looked Like That Female Gremlin

A Hot Bartender at a Conservative Party in Los Angeles

So Much Planning, There’s No Way This’ll Be a Relaxing Beach Day

She Forgot How to Drive

A Girl Who Knows Her Angles

Just Donated Blood or Something

Britney Spears Back When Her Eyebrows Were Human-Colored

When Supermodels Wear Clip-On Bowties in Their Hair

A Woman Who Just Ate Ribs Maybe

That Doesn’t Look Like America in the Background

A Young Celine Dion

Never Lose An Opportunity to Snip Off Split Ends

Giselle! I Don’t Care If You’re Colorblind, This Counts.

Milla Jovovich!

Some Cute Girl Against a Wall or Lying Down in An Endless Tundra

Red Eyes On a White Girl Who’s Probably Secretly Blue

Fun Fact: Breasts Help You Float

Actually Kind of Cool American Flag Swimsuit

Some Girl Who’ll Only Talk to You If You’re in a Band

Silver Fox in Her 20s