The 50 Hottest Men in the NFL

The hottest current include some of the hottest of all time that are currently playing professional football in the . All the sexiest , from kickers to QBs, are on this swoon-worthy list of hot football . Many of the top athletes of all time are among the hottest NFL (hot and talented? yes, please) and we’ve got the hot (shirtless) photos of these sexiest current NFL players to prove it.

Hot NFL players make watching football better (or in some cases tolerable) for many fans. Whether you wait for Tom Brady to take his helmet off on the sidelines or check out Reggie Bush from behind as he runs for a touchdown, there’s no shortage of cute football players and in the NFL. While many of the best looking NFL players are hot quarterbacks, there are plenty of receivers, stunning linemen, and delicious kickers (yes, that IS a thing) for you to look at during NFL games. All the cutest, most attractive, and good looking NFL players are listed here!

Who are the sexiest players in the NFL? Are quarterbacks the hottest football players? This list of sexy football players lets you vote for the in the NFL and decide, once and for all, who the best looking players in the NFL are. If your favorite hot football player isn’t on the hottest NFL athletes list, make sure to add him so more people will have the opportunity to ogle the best looking players in pro football.

Eric Decker

Danny Amendola

Brady Quinn

Reggie Bush

Tom Brady

Aaron Rodgers

Cam Newton

Rob Gronkowski

Alex Smith

A. J. Green

Victor Cruz

DeSean Jackson

Wes Welker

Braylon Edwards

Mark Sanchez

Clay Matthews III

Miles Austin

Adrian Peterson

Josh Freeman

Colin Kaepernick

Jason Witten

Matt Cassel

Trent Edwards

Dennis Pitta

Matt Barkley

Sam Bradford

Arian Foster

Drew Brees

Colt McCoy

Robert Woods

Jordy Nelson

Larry Fitzgerald

Terrelle Pryor

Brian Cushing

Mason Crosby

Tramon Williams

Golden Tate

Demaryius Thomas

Tony Romo

Jason Campbell

Peyton Manning

Hakeem Nicks

Eli Manning

Philip Rivers

Matt Forté

Joe Flacco

Troy Polamalu

Michael Vick

Billy Cundiff

Matt McGloin

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