50 Photos Of Older Celebrity Women In Their Prime

These hot pictures of old when they were young are here as a reminder that some of today’s older hotties were also yesterday’s hotties. Some of these sexy celebrities over 50 (or 60, or 70, or 80…) are still hotter than some of their young counterparts, and many have even gotten better with age (Helen Mirren, we’re talking to you).

Now, don’t be shocked when you see pictures of Helen Mirren from 40 years ago and come to the (not so) shocking conclusion that the woman has been a bona fide babe longer than you’ve been alive. Ditto, Ann Margaret. There are also some ladies on the list of old celebrities when they were young who will evoke a reaction of “what happened?!” (*cough*Kirstie Alley *cough*) because they are some old actresses who were hot when they were young. This includes current and long-gone stars, including everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Pam Grier to Meryl Streep. And while there may be a few glaring omissions (sorry, Marilyn, Farrah, … Christie B.), it’s not that they’re not some of the most beautiful women of all time. Rather, this list focuses on the older gals you may not have known were so hot.

Who are the older actresses who were hot when they were young? This list of classic babes features celebrities were hot when they were young. There are plenty of sexy photos of older actresses on this list of the hottest pictures of old female celebrities in their 20s. Take your pick, and vote for your favorite pictures of celebrities when they were young. Especially Betty White.

Raquel Welch


Jane Seymour

Ursula Andress

Audrey Hepburn

Faye Dunaway

Jacqueline Bisset

Lauren Bacall

Cybill Shepherd

Elizabeth Taylor

Jessica Lange

Sally Field

Charlotte Rampling

Carrie Fisher

Isabella Rossellini

Helen Mirren

Pam Grier

Vanessa Redgrave

Ingrid Bergman

Catherine Deneuve

Debbie Reynolds

Jamie Lee Curtis

Mary Tyler Moore

Susan Sarandon

Jane Fonda

Candice Bergen

Kirstie Alley

Julie Andrews

Katharine Hepburn

Susan Lucci

Marlo Thomas

Teri Garr

Betty White

Martha Stewart

Bette Davis

Shirley MacLaine

Maggie Smith

Meryl Streep

Angela Lansbury

Sissy Spacek

Judi Dench

Liza Minnelli