50+ Pinterest FAILs That’ll Kill Your DIY Dreams

Pinterest fails their users on a daily basis by not providing a warning that says, “WARNING: Most of this stuff is impossible for you to do on your first try, so just look at the pretty pictures, and face the harsh reality of what your skill level is at Martha Stewart stuff.” But, since they don’t do that, this is what we get. We get these DIY disasters or funny Pinterest fails (or, to take away the branding to just general “craft fails”) all around the web every single day. It’s someone trying their hardest (and failing) to make a DIY gift for their significant other while on a budget, or a crafty lady who thinks her kids will appreciate surprise cake pops one morning, or a dad who surprises his wife with a creatively delicious option for what would be an otherwise boring meal… all of which are tried without practicing even once, or knowing the basics of the stuff they’re making.Ā 

For example, if you’ve never made a cake from scratch before, your cakepops are probably going to suck. Do you not know about the thing where you have to let your pastries cool before you frost them? Or how about leaving everything, once formed, in a fridge so that it maintains structural integrity? How about that certain heights of cookie, bread, muffin, etc., expand when it’s too much? Or the fact that CHEESE MELTS? The people who did these aren’t dumb, but the reason they failed at their Pinterest projects or “nailed it” as Reddit/the web would say, is because they have no experience in doing the basics of what they’re doing.Ā