The 50 Most Visually Stunning Offensive 4Chan Wallpapers

A longstanding 4Chan tradition has been making visually stunning 1024×768 inspirational . Given that it’s 4Chan, though, they’re also extremely offensive . Click on the pictures to make them bigger or drag them onto your desktop for the full-res version to see the subtle messages hidden in there if you can’t find them on the slideshow. They’re absolutely horrible and offensive desktop backgrounds, but that’s why we love them. And that’s why we love 4Chan. Collected over many nights on the hypodermic needle filled rummage sale of the internet known as /b/, here are the absolute greatest offensive 4Chan with demotivaitonal messages or inspiring ones that will offend even the worst people out there.

We’re all going to hell for laughing at these 4Chan offensive wallpapers, but hey, they’re from 4Chan. It’s literally the worst place on the internet. You can be on the deep web any day of the week and uncover the grossest parts of humanity, but they’re seldom collected all in one place.

So from a bunch of horrible, introverted, perverted people of all ages here are the anonymous creations from some of the greatest minds of the internet. This is one of the fruits of 4Chan, like the delicious part of a poisonous blowfish. They brought us rick rolling and have helped make pretty much every meme under the planet popular.

You can take these inspirational wallpapers brought to you by the 4Chan community directly from this list for the full 1024×768 version or just click on them to view the bigger image.

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