The 51 Most Epic Restaurant Name FAILs

Restaurants are infamous for being bad investments. They’re hard to manage, hard to keep profitable, and generally stressful for everyone involved. But hey, people gotta eat. So what can you do? Well for starters, pick a good name, something that’s inviting and most importantly, appetizing. Bad restaurant names are just a red flag and a name that’s memorable and catchy certainly won’t hurt. Well… unless it’s the wrong kind of memorable.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), these owners of the restaurants on this list only got the memorable part right and came up with some of the worst restaurant names we’ve even seen. These names are so bad their eateries are famous or… well… infamous. They tried their best to pick an appealing name, but ended up with the top restaurant name . Whoops. From innuendo, to bathroom humor, to inadvertently unappetizing imagery and epic sign , these restaurants all truly failed when it came to picking a name.