The 51 Fattest Animals in Internet History

These fat, adorable animals are what I would look like if I were any of these animals. These are the fattest animals on the Internet in all their obese glory. There are some fat animals whose owners obviously let them eat the vanilla part of the Neapolitan, and there are other obese animals who just don’t give a crap. The fat dogs who just stare their owners down during a game of fetch until the poor bastard who threw the frisbee has to go get it while his fat dog stares at him and laughs: these are those a-hole pets.
In case you’re wondering, there’s no shortage of morbidly obese animals on the Internet. There are fat animal pics of everything from obese dogs, enormous cats, obese skunks, and even the odd fat bear are here in this list. Some of these fat pets you’ll look at and wonder what their humans were thinking, others you’re going to want to steal just so you can invite people over to gaze at your crazy fat cat.
Basically, if you don’t enjoy these pictures of fat animals, you are a waste of a human being. There are fat hedgehogs, for pete’s sake! Big, spiny balls of obese hedgehogs. They are the best. Now stop reading this and gaze at the fattest pets and obese animals you have ever seen. And vote for the obese corgis, fat hamsters, huge pugs, giant cats, massive wombats, and big bears you think are the coolest or cutest animals in this fat animal pictures roundup.

Fat Little Penguin

Big Squirrel

Cookie Loving Hamster

Fat Hamster On Slide

Fat Seal

Fat Cat’s Head

Obese Hedgehog

Fat, Lazy Bunny

Cat in Overalls

Fat Squirrel

Fat Duckie

Obese Guinea Pig

Terrified Tabby

Fat Tarsier

Fat, Wild Haired Cat

Fat, Happy Tabby

Tub Full of Fat Pugs

Fat Hedgehog in Measuring Bowl

Fat Chipmunk in Kitchen

Tubby Wombat

Chubby Trash Panda

Playground Bear

Fat Prairie Dog

Cat the Size of a Horse

Big Fat Pug

Obese Skunk

Fat Koala

Obese Seal

Giant Raccoon

Tubby Bakery Possum

Fat Llama

Fat Garden Corgi

Enormous Cat

Fat Otter

Fat, Smiling Frog

Enormous Bear

Bulldog On Lift

Dennis Quaid’s Fat Pug

Fat Dog With Sunglasses

Rotund Bulldog

Fat Frog

Fat Lizard

Obese Chihuahua

Giant Doberman

Massive Dog

Huge Corgi

Fat Monkey

Giant Dalmatian

Fat Dog

Giant Wiener Dog

The Fattest Giraffe