51 Hilariously Offensive Cards Against Humanity Moments

From AIDS to mild autism, “dem titties” to various other sexy things, and gems like “whatever the McRib is made of,” the cards in Cards Against Humanity set even the most mature adults on the path to inappropriate success. One of the most fun party games and top card games around, Cards Against Humanity is sure to liven up any house party, or holiday gathering with family. Have fun explaining the more obscure sexual references to your grandma!

As the saying goes, “pics or it didn’t happen.” Thankfully, plenty of Cards Against Humanity players are snapping photos of their genius card combinations, and we’ve assembled them here for your viewing pleasure and maybe even some CAH training sessions. It’s very important to be good at this game. We can’t put enough social pressure on you right now. You want to be as funny as these people, we promise.

So vote for the funniest and most awful Cards Against Humanity pictures below.

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