54 Coloring Book Corruptions That Will Taint Your Childhood

Coloring book corruptions require some actual drawing talent, which is why this particular, and actually really funny, coloring book meme happens to be one of my favorites. From the Coloring Book Corruptions site, the coloring book corruption subreddit and the coloring book corruptions Tumblr, these are the best of the best of what people have had to offer as far as “evil” versions of children’s characters go. 

From Winnie the Pooh and Piglet doing a copious amount of ‘shrooms, to adorable animals from generic coloring books holding dog fights, killing each other, and performing various sex acts, these funny drawing book graffiti pics will show you that for some people, nothing is sacred. 

These are the funniest and best coloring book corruptions that’ve been posted on the web so far. Enjoy!