55 Funny Tip Jars That Would Earn Your Quarters

tip jars are a great way to squeeze every last cent out of people at any place of business you work that underpays you as much as they overcharge customers. When creativity is pretty much at a standstill at any job that requires tip jars, creative ones often not only provide workers with an outlet, but customers with a smile… and a reason to actually use the tip jar. 

Pictures of these jars are all over the web, and even Instagram has a hashtag with over 1200 entries called #tipjar, and that’s just the singular one – there’s also #tipjars, #tipping, #baristas, and plenty of others everywhere you look. You’ve probably had a fun, hilarious, or nerdy tip jar picture flow through your Facebook feed sometime in the last week. So, just because there are so many awesome ones, here are the best tip jars I’ve ever seen on the web. These are not only the most clever, or even just the funniest tip jars, but also the ones I think work the best. 

Lots of tipping jars (or whichever receptacle any restaurant, coffee shop, or otherwise uses for tipping) use this brilliant tactic of making it a tip jar war: for example, they’ll put one side Batman and one side Superman, or they’ll pose a question like, “who would win in a fight, Wolverine or The Hulk?” People vote with their dollars and not only do they get a public consensus, but all the awesome, hardworking people at the restaurant get more money. 

Really, everyone wins! Anyway, these are the best tip jar decoration ideas out there, so either use ’em, enjoy ’em, or see if you’ve taken any of the pictures below.

Women Ftw

I’d Go Walken

No Fear

More Belieber Hate

Nemo Nooooooo

The One You See Everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Ross Has Always Been Pretty Ghetto

Probably Really Good. Giving Is Good!

I’d Just Want to See That Duck

So It’s Saying NOT to Tip Them?…

Which Would You Choose?

Name That Town!

Another Nerdy Sophie’s Choice

NASA Needs a Lot of Help Guys, C’mon

Batman. If Your Opinion Isn’t Batman, Then Batman.

Haha There’s a Dollar in Edward

Ha, I Get It

Little Foot!

Pew Pew Pew!

I’d Go to 12 Years of School to Be a Teacher There

That Sounds Like the Sketchiest Book…

Don’t Trust Him

I Can See It in Your Walleeeeeeet, I Can Hear It In Your Pockets

Pixelated LEGO Tip Jar Just Seems to Make Sense

This Explains the Entire South’s Endless Cycle

Thank You Orlando Bloom (This Will Be a Dated Reference)

Let’s Get Nasty with These Tips

Dudes Crumple Up Ones So It Looks Like More

Pokeball Tipping Jar!

Texas? Where Would This Jar Be?

What If Paul Rudd Shapeshifted into A Baby Seal

Such an Insane And Unfair Toss-Up. I Would Never Leave.

Ba Dum Dum Dum DUM

Grawr! I Am Guilt Bear!

All the Easter Animals Are Money Hungry

Everyone’s Taking Karate Like It’s the 90s

Imagine Dolphin Noises Right Now. You’re Welcome.

The Best Part of This One Is Imagining Dutch W/ a Cappucino

Kind of Inaccurate, but Okay

This Was Clearly in New York

That’s Seriously the Best Part of the Pizza

I Didn’t… but I Would Never… Okay.

9/10 Tip Jars Agree

That Is a Drawing of Prince

You Just Read That In an Accent

Any Metalocalypse Fan Is a Person Who Deserves Money

I Mean, They’re Doing a Great Job of Pandering

Make It Rain B/C Last Time His Family Did That We All Died

Slimer Can’t Die… but the Hulk Is Pretty Invincible

Do It.

Walt Would Be Super Pissed If Not for His GF

Presidential Quotes

Like in That One Movie… Starring Another Rapper?

Swimmin in It

Some Woman’s Thought Yes and Felt Immediately Lonely

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