The 55 Greatest Rollercoaster Pics Ever Taken

What kind of weirdo goes into a theme park planning to take a “funny roller coaster pic?” The kind of person who will plan their planned roller coaster photo WELL in advance (by roller coaster pic, by the way, I mean the kind they take while you’re ON the ride, I don’t mean like postcards that you’d send your grandma). Theme park ride pictures are kind of lame enough as it is. What are you really doing there? Are you trying to piss off the drunk teenagers who work at the park? Or all the “squares” at the viewing station who are either part of a family or are focusing solely on their own picture, since the photos are usually up for all of 30 seconds anyway? 

These, though, are actually pretty good roller coaster pictures (or “rollercoaster pictures”, depending on how you prefer to spell it). Theme park rides are fun as hell, they’re really some of the most fun you can have with both your friends AND your family that don’t involve booze, killing people, or firing guns (which I’m aware all sound like one activity). 

From people vomiting on each other during amusement park rides, to the ones who are just way too scared of the drop in any coaster, to the people who take entire board games or glued-on chess sets to Splash Mountain. Pictures vary from funny, to pretty funny, to hilarious, to disgusting.