60+ Unbelievable #MakeupTransformations

transformations (or #makeuptransformations, as you’ll see it on et al.) is a fantastic new trend popping up online where people do their damnedest to look vaguely like a celebrity, fictional character, or well-known snack product. Through the use of a four panel image, ordinary people like you and me are altering their appearances with hilarious results. Forget hours in the chair; these everyday heroes are demonstrating that you too! can look fabulous like with just a few creative & touches.

Flynn Rider

Katt Williams

Gerald from Hey! Arnold

Riff Raff

Phil Spector

André 3000

Joan Rivers


Mike Tyson


The Kid from Up

Owen Wilson


Iggy Azalea

Kim Jong-un



Vanilla Ice

Cake Roll

Nicki Minaj (Again)

Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus


Mr. Bean

Dora the Explorer

Kris Jenner


The Kid from The Grudge

Solange Knowles

Cee Lo Green

The Fairly OddParents

Brad Pitt

Osama bin Laden

Jeremy Renner

Tyrese Gibson

Mickey Rourke

Hostess Cupcake

Michael Jackson

The Hot Convict

Aiza Seguerra

IC Mendoza Turns into His Mother

Chris Hemsworth

Sylvester Stallone

Taye Diggs

Larry H


This Dog

Fabio Lanzoni

Whoopi Goldberg

Lindsay Lohan

Idris Elba

A Filipino Model

Dwayne Johnson

Ryan Reynolds

Beyonce (Again)

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