7 Lyanna Stark Fan Theories Just Crazy Enough To Be True

Who is Lyanna on ? Is she Jon Snow’s mama? For years (YEARS!) fans have waited to learn if R+L=J is true and in the Season 6 episode “Oathbreaker” fans nearly got the answers. Nearly. But that’s not the only theory fans have about Lyanna Stark, oh no.

The most popular of the Lyanna Stark theories is that Ned’s sister is Jon Snow’s mom. And that either she was into Rhaegar Targaryen or he kidnapped her, but the end result is that she gave birth to Jon and Ned covered it up so that his buddy and liege, Robert Baratheon, who was obsessed with Lyanna, wouldn’t kill the child. Ned took Jon back to Winterfell to raise him as his bastard much to the hatred of his wife, Catelyn.

If Rhaegar and Lyanna are Jon’s parents, the resurrected Jon is not only legitimate, he’s got some regal blood running through his reanimated veins. As he kicks rocks on the Night’s Watch, one can only hope he’ll make his way to Dany and Tyrion (who are probably his relatives) and ride Rhaegal, the dragon named after his possible pops.

Which of these Lyanna Stark theories makes the most sense? Ponder some popular Lyanna Stark-y – perhaps they’ll inspire a theory of your own!

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