8 Facts About Prehistoric Sex That Show the Ways We Have – and Haven’t – Evolved

What was prehistoric sex like? How can we even know? Researchers use several methods to make educated guesses about the sex lives of prehistoric folk, including examining closely related primates, studying what human evolution has wrought, and finding clues in the existing fossil records of early man. From these examinations, a rough picture of primitive sexuality emerges… and it’s more than just skimpy loincloths and cave rape.

There’s also prehistoric art, which, much like art in the 21st century, reveals a lot about the culture that made it. Some prehistoric art is even (arguably) pornographic. Examining all of these factors reveals that caveman sex was probably a lot more like modern sex than you might imagine. Early hunting-and-gathering Homo sapiens probably engaged in bestiality and inbreeding a bit more than we do (hopefully!), and some experts think they weren’t as keen on monogamy, but on the whole, their sex lives weren’t totally alien. Read on for some fascinating prehistoric sex facts.