The 30 Most Nostalgia-Inducing ’90 Toys

 The 1990’s were an amazing decade for . We just barely missed the monsters craze from the 1980’s with some really iconic such as a Rubik’s cube, lite brites and SIMON, but the ’ is when technology really started having an impact on the way kids played with their dolls, action figures, and eventually, virtual pets. 

From POGs to Barnyard Commandos, to Yak Bak, laser pointers, and TIGER games, the following is a votable list of the most nostalgia-inducing toys from the ’90s. Upvote the ones you had, downvote the ones you either wanted and didn’t get or just plain old hated. Add any you can think of that are missing and have fun going through what most people’s attics are currently filled with. These are the best toys of the ’90s. Toys have only gotten worse.

Super Soakers

Koosh Balls

Tamagotchis/Virtual Pets

Beanie Babies

Troll Dolls



Polly Pocket

McDonald’s McDino Changeables

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Power Wheels


Bop It

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Ninja Turtles Vehicles/Playsets

Laser Pointers


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Yo Yo Ball


Pogo Balls

Tech Decks

Yak Bak

Sky Dancers

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Toys

Stretch Armstrong

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Crocodile Dentist


Don’t Wake Daddy

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He-man: Masters of the Universe Toy Line

Tickle Me, Elmo!

3 in 1 Tournament Table Ad

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X-Men Toys