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The Absolute Funniest Cow Puns

Don’t have a cow, man! Actually, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do right at this very moo-ment. These are the best cow puns the has to offer. It’s okay to have a moo-mentary lapse of judgment and laugh at these funny cow memes. Failing to do so would be a huge missed steak. Do you get it? Do you get all of these ?

Greener Pastures

Knight and Day

Jerky Boys

Dozing Off



The Udder Side of Darkness

Math of Least Resistance

Huge Missed Steak

Having a Beef with Jesus

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Hip to Be Square

Legen Dairy

A-Moo-Calypse Now

Milking It for All It’s Worth

Angus Khan

Dude, No Whey!

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