The Absolute Worst Portrait Tattoos of All Time

If you decide to go down that last route, make sure you don’t make the same mistake that the fools on this list made. Don’t cheap out on a of your loved one, because if you do, they’ll end up looking like one of the incredible melting nightmares on this list.

We don’t want to go so far as to say that the human canvases on this list didn’t love their members enough to shell out the cash to get good work done. But um… that might be true? Whatever debt you rack up to get a great piece of work put on your body is definitely worth not having to apologize to someone you love about your awful for the rest of your life. Which is what we’re assuming the folks on this list are doing. Either that or these are all elaborate pranks being played out on a truly Machiavellian level. Either way, these are worst portrait  we’ve ever seen.

Vote up the most hideous portrait tattoo  and then share of your coolest so we can make fun of them. If you haven’t noticed, that’s something we like to do.

If Voldemort Had a Baby

Children of the Bicep

Should We Be Worried about the Board Shorts on Her Back?

That’s Our Boy, Ball Face

They Come to Life at Night

Ma’am, We Don’t Know How to Say This, but Your Daughter Is a Middle-Aged Klingon

And They Never Spoke Again

Mommy’s Little Monster


Flatter Your Wife with a Tattoo of Her as a Witch

Are Those Supposed to Be Stink Lines?

Beauty That Haunts Your Dreams

Jason Voorhees + Mullet = Coolest Kid In The ’80s


Visual Proof That Children Are Horrible Gremlins

Is This Your Way of Saying You Won’t Miss Her?

We’re so Sorry to Hear About Your Melting Children

The Second Coming of Curly from The Three Stooges

Is Chloe a CHUD? If so, This Tattoo Is Spectacular!

A Surprisingly Accurate Likeness

He Can Use This Tatt If He Ever Loses His ID

It’s Hard to Find an Artist That Specializes in Horrible Teeth

The Headband Brings It All Together

You Did It! You Made Your Daughter Hate You!

Zombie Walken Is Actually Pretty Awesome

Her Face When She Saw the Tattoo

We Present to You: The Single Worst Tattoo Idea Ever

Hyper-Realistic Hair

A Decision You’ll Never Ever Regret Even a Little Bit

An Untreatable Case of Hulkamania

They Call Me Face, Ass Face

Who Wants to Bet That This Led to a Breakup?

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