The Absolute Worst Things to Say on a First Date

A lot can go wrong on a first date. To help make sure your first date goes smoothly, take a look at this list of the worst things to say on a first date… and then remember to not say them. There are simply certain things you should avoid discussing on a first date. Try to keep the conversation light and steer away from anything that would make your mother cringe. Remember, trying to be can instantly backfire.  What are the worst things you can say on a first date? Don’t spend the entire date talking about your ex, regardless of whether you miss them, or still love them, or totally hate them. Nobody wants to be compared to the person you just broke up with (or the person who just broke up with you, as the case may be).  Try to avoid talking about your parents too much, as it might come across as weird (especially if you’re over 25). It’s okay to mention your family, but don’t compare your date to either of your parents. In fact, don’t compare your date to anyone.   It’s important on a first date to not come off too strong but also try not to play it too cool or be a jerk. Remember that first impressions often last the longest, and if you want a second date, make sure you never say these things on your first date.

“You’ll Never Be As Good As My Ex.”

“You Looked Better in Your Photos.”

Complaining Constantly

“I Hope We Run Into My Ex Here.”

“My Ex and I Used to Come Here All the Time.”

You’ll Do, I’m Horny

Being Obnoxious to the Waitress

“Is Your Sister Single?”

“My Ex Would Love to Meet You.”

“How Much Money Do You Make?”

“Does This Look Infected to You?”

“Can You Pay for This?”

“I Didn’t Know This Was Supposed to Be a Date.”

“Let’s Talk About Daddy Issues.”

I’m Just in It for the

What’s Your Name Again?

Are Your Boobs Real?

Talking Too Much About Money

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