Accidental Dicks Seen in the Wild

If you aren’t of proper age, please God leave now, while there’s still time to save your parents the years of therapy that will quite possibly result from the knowledge that somewhere out there, there’s a potato that’s stolen like 10 guys’ girlfriends. If however, you’re among those of us for whom it’s way too late for, scroll down and let’s look at vegetables, architecture, office supplies, and other everyday objects that look like man parts.

Here we’ve gathered one of the finest collections of accidental dicks ever assembled. As it turns out, things that look like penises can be found lurking in all manner of places – from the depths of the darkest cave to the c*ck-shaped clouds of the sky. We’ve left no stone unturned… in fact, it turns out some stones are kinda penis shaped too.

So gear up to see some of the finest accidental dicks and things that look like a penis that the world at large has to offer. Whether they were discovered lurking in the wild or accidentally crafted by a day dreaming construction crew, we’ve found them and erected… er, “assembled” this Internet monument to them. So gather your pals, take it to a corner of the office where your boss rarely goes, and get ready for a midday giggle. Because nothing says “increased productivity” like a green pepper that totally has balls.

This Big-Dicked Bubble

These Shaft-Shaped Afternoon Storms

This Impressively Well-Endowed Penis Potato

These Shafty-Looking Shadows

The World’s Worst Placed Balloon Opening

This Wang-Shaped Water Fountain

This Guy’s Wishful Thinking

This Fluffy Dong-Like Dog

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Yeah, No, That’s Definitely a C*ck Cloud

This -Crazed Chandelier

This Penis Pepper

This Guy Who Is Literally Sweating Balls

Either a Cleverly Placed Cactus or the World’s Largest, Prickliest Prick

This Man-Shaped Mushroom

This Phallic-Looking Foot

This Sea Creature Who Gives Whole New Meaning to the Name Moby Dick

This Engagement Ring Holder That Offers Prospective Brides That Extra Little Subconcious Shove

This C*ck-Like Building Corner

This Sketchy-Shaped Stilagmite

These Church Windows That Ain’t Foolin’ Anyone

The World’s Luckiest Olympus Man

This NYC Subway Map Which Explains Why the Statue of Liberty Always Has That Smirk on Her Face

This Glacier That Insists It’s Only This Small Beause It’s Cold

This Microphone That Just Happened to Be in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

This Cat’s Desperate Denial of What Happened at His Last Vet Visit

This Shlong-Shaped Structure

This Adorable Childhood Rendering That Insists It’s Just a Drawing of Scissors

Impressive Bubble

This Prickly… Well, Prick

This Enthusiastically C*ck-Shaped Cucumber

This Cloud That Finally Found the Perfect Vid on PornHub

Captain Kirk’s… Um… Whatever That Is He Is Holding

Does Brushing Your Teeth with This Constitute Cheating?

The Work of This Weather Woman’s Subconcious

Vladimir Putin’s Penis-Shaped Motorcade

This Tool-Bearing Tomato

This Blantantly C*ck-Shaped Couch

The World’s Most Honest Wedding Cake

These Penis Paper Clips

This Evidence That There May Be More to Hello Kitty Than Meets the Eye

This Weather Pattern

This Sausage Schlong

This Shockingly-Endowed Strawberry

This Ball-Bearing Carrot

The Reason Why the Titanic Sank

Penis or Potato: You Decide

Penis or Richard Nixon? Either way it’s a dick.

This Less Than Subtle Clue That the Lunch Lady Is Going Through a Bad Break-Up

This Sexually Aroused Gym Equipment

This Chair Is A Total Dick

We’re Not Even Gonna Touch This One…

We’ve Got A Dick-Front Coming Through

These C*ck Cookies

This Shameless Sweet Potato

This Is ~Actually~ Called a Towering Cumulus

… What May Actually Be a One-Eyed Monster of Some Sort

This Sign That Suggests Norton May Offer More Than Auto Service