Accidentally Sexual Cakes to Haunt Your Dreams

It’s happened to everyone. You’re looking through Pinterest and you’ve decided that you are just as capable as anyone else in the world to bake a delicious and artistic cake. So you go ahead and give it a go, and then it comes out looking unintentionally erotic. Which is not the best way for a cake (that is meant to be for your infant son) to turn out.

What you’re about to see is a series of that are not for the easily offended. These are in fact quite sexy, although they were absolutely not intended to be. It’s a sad story, but these accidentally inappropriate started out as innocent as can be before quickly turning into a terrible bachelorette party joke.

These erotic cakes gone wrong are without a doubt some of the funniest Pinterest FAILs you’ll ever encounter.

Accidentally Sexual Cakes to Haunt Your Dreams

Very Ready for Thanksgiving

Sometimes cakes can be pretty tragic, like these.

Hope This is What You Wanted, Jaden…

Using the Force

“The Big One”

Father’s Day Just Got Weird

The Leaning Tower of Peenza

Basketball Court? You Sure?

Found It!

Fly, Little One! Fly!

Nothing Screams “Party!” Like A Dancin’ Dong

That’s Just Insane

Oh Boy

“The Occassion of the Unveiling”

Get Seven Full Servings of Veggies Every Day

This Unintentionally Sensual Slugger Cake

These Lewd Little Green Men

This Fortified Butterfly

Heaven’s Gate

This Accidentally Sexual Christmas Stocking

This Overly Patriotic Peen Cake

The Palace of Peen Peek

Welcome to Fraggle Rock!

Double Peter

Triple Bang!

This Tantalized Turkey

This Bomb Is Definitely Bursting in Air

Good Luck Indeed

This Randomly Tiny Testicled Carrot Cake

… What?

That’s One Way to Make a Girl Feel Like a Princess…

Heroes Come in All Shapes and Sizes

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