Adorable Before-And-After Photos Of Dogs Growing Up With Their Humans

Now would be a good time to tighten your heart strings and prepare for them to be plucked by these dogs who grew up with their owners. Whatever you do, silence that Sarah McLachlan song while you look at these pictures of dogs growing up with humans, because you will begin to cry at your computer, and your boss knows data reports don’t cause these kind of tears. Anyone who had a puppy as a child knows just how photos of dogs growing up unearth a range of soppy emotions that make you subconsciously say “good doggy” under your breath.

The fact dogs and children actually mix quite well only serves to make these before-and-after dog photos all the more adorable. So without further ado, enjoy these pictures of dogs who grew up with their owners, and apologies for making you a basket case for the rest of the day. Pull yourself out of it with a reminder that dogs photos can be funny.