All The Adult Jokes You From The Toy Story Movies When You Were A Kid

Toy Story is one of Disney/Pixar’s most popular and profitable properties, probably because it contains a lot of humor for both children and adults. This list focuses on the adult side of things. Vote up the best jokes you never realized were in Toy Story
Bo Peep and Woody’s Night Plans
There’s a scene in which Bo Peep uses her shepherd’s crook to pull Woody’s face close to hers and she flirtatiously asks, “What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?” They’re definitely going to get together and hook up later.
Hook 'Er
Remember Sid’s toy that was a pair of Barbie legs with a fishing rod attached? Well, that was a hooker. It wasn’t even hidden, you just likely didn’t’ know what a hooker was at that age.
Hide Your Shame
In one scene, Woody hops on Bullseye and tells him to “Run like the wind!” Bullseye leaps to get started and Woody falls off, leaving Bullseye standing on his hind legs, nether region fully exposed. He realizes this and covers his crotch, while smiling at the viewers and shyly tiptoeing off screen.
Buzz Is Down to Clown with Woody
When Buzz goes searching for Woody, Bo Peep tells him to give Woody a kiss when he finds him. Buzz responds, “Alright, but I don’t think it’ll mean the same coming from me.”
Just Some Scatological Humor, NBD
In Toy Story 3, Mr. Potato head describes his stay in the sandbox, stating, “It was cold and dark. Nothing but sand and a couple of Lincoln Logs.” Hamm replies, “I don’t think those were Lincoln Logs,” insinuating that it was poop in the sandbox.
Hide Your Shame, Redux
There’s a scene in Toy Story 2 in which Hamm’s cork pops out. Coins fall out of him and in a panic, he says, “Alright, nobody look until I get my cork back in,” as if he doesn’t want them to see his exposed self.
Bookworm Thinks Ken Likes to  in Drag
Barbie is dressed in Ken’s astronaut suit as she goes to retrieve Buzz’s instruction manual. Bookworm notices her high heels and sighs, as if he believes it’s Ken wearing women’s clothing.
*Eggplant Emoji*
In Toy Story 3, psycho control freak Lotso the Bear wants Mrs. Potato Head to stop talking, so he pulls her lips from her face. Mr. Potato Head is furious, stating, “Hey! Nobody takes my wife’s mouth but me!” which can most certainly be interpreted as an oral sex joke.
Mr. Potato's Head
In Toy Story 3, Mr. Potato Head uses a cucumber as his body, and combined with the hat and shoes he’s wearing, his form resembles a penis and testicles.