#AfterSexSelfies That Will Worry You About Today’s Youth

Why? That was the first question when we heard about #aftersexselfies. It turns out, they are just as horrifying as you might imagine! Sure, it’s great that you and your bae are basking in a post coital glow but do you really need to tell the whole Internet about it via Instagram and SnapChat? Do you even need to tell your friends? Should you really tell anyone? We’re sure you’re great, but we don’t really need to see what you look like right after you finish up your private bedroom affairs. are just the worst and this list of the most horrifying of the bunch will have you seriously worried about the state of today’s youth.

 On this list you’ll see photos from one night stands, loving couples, dudes who love their bae, and jokesters who think they’re subverting the cultural zeitgeist. The one thing that all of these after sex selfie photos have in common is that they are THE WORST. We don’t mean to judge what you do behind closed doors and under the sheets, but are you really leaving anyone on social media any choice?!

After sex selfies will probably have you wondering what exactly kids these days are up to, and you aren’t alone. But selfies are here to stay, and so, it seems, are #aftersexselfies. Upvote the most horrific and embarrassing after sex selfie pictures below and be glad you aren’t living out your formative years during this phenomenon.

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