35 Amazing Behind the Scenes Photos from Iconic Movies

“Behind the scenes” is a phrase used to describe what goes on during the production of a popular medium. Most commonly, it’s used in reference to films. Every DVD menu has a behind the scenes featurette these days, but few capture magic moments of iconic films. What did it look like when Vader told Luke he was his father, when a man put on a Godzilla costume and what did Alfred Hitchcock look like smiling?


The Actual MGM Lion Being Filmed

R2D2 Eating a Sandwich

Spielberg in the Mouth of a Legend

Luke Needs a Beer

The Actual Filming of the Empire Strikes Back Opening Credits

Alan Rickman is the best.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Stomps Through a Tiny Town

Frankenstein’s Monster Takes a Tea Break

Peter Ostrum Wearing Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka Hat

Does This Ruin the Scene For You?

The answer should be a resounding..

Jack Nicholson Becoming The Joker

E.T. Helps His Creator Carlo Rambaldi (RIP) Draw

Heath Ledger’s Makeup-less Joker

And then costume-less

Luke Playing with His Sister’s Hair

Godzilla Stomping Through a Japanese Town

Robert Zemeckis Directs the BTTF Delorean

Helena Bonham Carter Being Funny on Harry Potter

Munchkin Village in Wizard of Oz

The Animatronic T-Rexes from Jurassic Park

Johnny Depp Hugging Winona Ryder with Scissorhands

Boris Karloff and Some Fans

Arnold Schwarzenegger with James Cameron

A Kind of Sad Juxtaposition

Indiana Jones and a Young Spielberg Under the Hot Sun

I Actually Still Find This Picture Terrifying

Spock Wears a Casual Sweater

Tim Curry as Pennywise Taking Five

Robert Englund Turning Into Freddy Kruger

And here he is with some of his favorite kids:

Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger

James Cameron Shows Us the Water Was an Illusion

I want to believe…

Superman Flying

Marty McFly’s Shoes Being Filmed

Practicing Who Shot First

The Blues Brothers with Aretha Franklin!

Damned Dirty Directors