50+ Amazing Photos of Everyday Things Cut in Half

The subreddit Things Cut In Half Porn is full of interesting images of everyday objects, foods, and pretty much anything else you can think of… cut in half. You might think you know all about things like cameras, guns, and even vegetables, but until you see these crazy and interesting pictures of those things (and more!) cut in half, you aren’t really getting the full picture.

What does a jawbreaker look like if you cut it in half? How about an entire Range Rover? The objects on this list are cool when whole, but get even cooler when they’re cut in half so you can see their insides, get a better idea of how they work, and see what’s going on beneath the surface.


Fukang Meteorite

Hand Grenades


CAT Scan Machine

Golden Gate Bridge Cable

A Russian Submarine

Leica Camera Lens



Steam Train Boiler

Rolls Royce Jet Engine

Colt 1911

17th Century Merchant Ship


Nikon D4 Camera with 14-24mm Lens


Paint Waste Drain


Zippo Lighter

Range Rover

Car Engine


Russian Konkurs Anti Tank Guided Missile

A Road in London


Tube of Toothpaste

Fire Hydrant

Roman Candle Firework

Grill in Use

Bowling Ball

Old Building

BMW Transmission

Olympus Stylus Camera

Sauber F1 Racecar

Motorcycle Helmet

Cruise Ship

Rear Section of a Porsche 911

Old Mini Cooper

Fire Extinguishers

Polk Speaker