The 35 Most American Things That Have Ever Happened

The “Meanwhile, in America” meme takes the cliché phrasing from film, television, and literature “meanwhile, in…” and applies it to the United States, often pointing out examples of American excess, ignorance, or laziness. It’s been turned into some of the most popular pictures and gifs all over the web, including sites like Reddit and Tumblr.

The phrase “meanwhile, in…” is a popularly used storytelling device that takes the audience away from the center of action in the story at that moment, to somewhere else completely. This phrase has been popularized on the Web with an image macro that takes a photo that captures a common stereotype of any country in the world, and makes fun of them.

These are used often for comedic purposes and occasionally to interrupt someone who has, according to “knowyourmeme,” gone on a huge tangent in an online conversation. The use of the meme implies a sense of boredom among all the other readers. People who post one of these memes are then celebrated as bringing the conversation back to where it should be, or for just finding a hilarious way to use the meme. 

You really just take any picture that exemplifies that country, in this case America, and put the “Meanwhile, in America” words on it.  

But it takes a little more than just finding a photo of fat people in this; the entire photo really has to “work” for the “Meanwhile, in America” meme. You have to find one that if sent independently of any words or captions, would make whoever you were sending it to lose all faith in not only their peers and their country, but humanity in general. 

What are the funniest America memes? These are the best “Meanwhile, in America” memes and jokes. From the morbidly obese exercising laziness, to negligent parents, to enormous guns and overall American ridiculousness, here are the greatest examples of how to use, and the best ways to use, the phrase “Meanwhile, in America” online. By the end, we bet you’lll be chanting “USA! USA!” (Or not.)
Get Her What She Really Wants

Those Are Kegs of Gunpowder

The Siren Plays “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”

Stars and Stripes 4-Ever

Not As Much As Your General Attitude

Yo Dawg

Oh, Ma’am? Can You Please Bring a Napkin When You Get a Chance?


-1 Pt. for It Not Being a Handicapped Spot

You Lost, Son?

48 Contiguous Oz.

Because America, That’s Why

Just In Case


A Traditional American Pastime

The Extra Value Meal

Her Bouquet Was Made of Live Grenades

Nucular Family

Those Do Look Delicious, Actually


“Smart” Car? We’ll Fix That.

Seems About Right

Somehow, This Is Not A Costume

This Way to Opportunity

The Most Important Moments in History

Yeah! Get a Brain!

Can You Find 10 Murican Things in This Photo?

Proposed New National Motto

Because Penises

This Device

It Doesn’t Say WHAT to Drive Thru

So Brave

Sleep Well, Sweet Prince

A Light Summer Snack