Amputees With An Awesome Sense of Humor

Smiling in the face of adversity reveals the mark of true character, and that’s what these amputee photos are all about. This collection of  photos of amputees display the strength and innovation of people making the best of their difficult situation. Though they may lack certain appendages, they definitely kept their sense of humor.

Collected here are funny amputee pictures, clever amputee tattoos and amputee memes just as hilarious as they are commendable. Some of them you may even recognize. These shining examples of amputee humor prove that no matter what life throws your way, you can get through anything and even manage to have a couple laughs along the way.

A Perfect Score

Clever Girl

Real Genius

Winter Wonderland

Dino-mite Shirt!

You’re Bacon Me Crazy

I Love Lamp



Refreshing Sense Of Humor

Lord Of The Ring Finger

Pointing Out The Obvious

Josh Sundquist Always Wins Halloween

Armed And Dangerous

Getting A Leg Up On The Competition

The Captain Life Chose Him

Anatomically Incorrect

Drawing The Line

Not , McDonald’s

Accident Forgiveness

Dolphin Tale

Finn-tastic Tattoo

When She Gives You Gloves For Christmas

Meanwhile, On Shark Week

Nailed It

Stewie Knows Best