Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

Over the years, the History Channel show Ancient  has become the butt of a lot of jokes. Poor Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been turned into a meme that just won’t go away. But early on in the existence of the show, Ancient Aliens actually made some pretty good points and re-sparked an interest in asking the eternal question: could extraterrestrial life actually exist?

In 2002, the Mars Odyssey Spacecraft discovered reservoirs of ice hidden beneath Mars’ surface, suggesting that life just might be able to be sustained on another planet. Then in 2008, the Vatican even acknowledged that life on other planets is possible, and declared that it does not negate the existence of God.

And long before either of those realizations occurred, Chariots of the Gods was published by Swiss author Erich von Däniken in 1968, in an attempt to prove that aliens had visited Earth thousands of years ago. Von Däniken was driven by the fact that every major religion revolves around the story of a heavenly figure visiting Earth, and used this as the basis for his famous Ancient Alien Theory. One year after it was published, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and re-sparked America’s interest in outer space and aliens, but von Däniken’s theory that ancient Gods were actually alien visitors is still highly contested.  

Ancient Aliens has made some pretty reasonable claims, and presented a lot of facts about unexplained phenomena. And while the accuracy of their scientific claims involving aliens may come into question from time to time, they certainly present some plausible explanations for otherwise unexplainable events. So, was Ancient Aliens right? Who knows – but here’s a list of every time their ideas made some sense. The truth is out there, but you’ll have to decide if they’ve found it.

Archeologists Have Discovered Ancient Alien Astronaut Artifacts

What They Said: Ancient artifacts discovered all around the globe depict ancient alien astronaut technology.

Why It Makes Sense: Guatemala City is home to a 1,500-year-old sculpture that resembles a modern day astronaut, complete with a helmet, a mouthpiece, and a breathing apparatus on his chest. Meanwhile in Columbia, thousands of tomb artifacts were recovered that all resemble modern-day airplanes, complete with fixed wings, an up-right tail-fin, and a fuselage. Finally, in the Istanbul Museum, there’s a sculpture of a headless astronaut in a space suit sitting inside of a rocket ship covered in tubes. Where did these cultures get such advanced ideas about aerodynamics? Ancient Alien theorists believe that these are all examples of cultures documenting visits from extraterrestrials.

Many Religions Have Stories Of Flying Machines Descending From The Heavens

What They Said: Christianity isn’t the only religion that depicts extraterrestrial visitation. As a matter of fact, almost every major religion in the world has a similar story.

Why It Makes Sense: The story is the same, but the names are always different: a deity descends from the heavens, communicates with the culture, and disappears with a promise to return in the distant future. For instance, in ancient Indian Sanskrit writings dating back over 5,000 years, there are several instances describing Vimānas, or mythical flying machines, that are over 100 feet wide and move much like modern aircrafts. The Bhagavata Purana states that King Rama piloted a metal spacecraft that moved like a butterfly and appeared to be in two places at once, and that could project a beam of light that consumed anything it touched. Ancient Alien theorists believe this to be a clear description of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

The Geo-Glyphs of Nazca Were Created To Attract Extraterrestrials

What They Said: The Nazca Lines were created to attract extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense: The Nazca Desert in Peru is home to an arid plateau that stretches on for over 50 miles, and it is covered in countless geometric patterns and figures known as the Nazca Lines. The patterns include clear images of fishmonkeysspiders, and even humanoids – all of which are only visible from the air. The shapes also include dozens of long, straight lines. These designs are clearly man-made and are only recognizable from high-above, most likely to signal extraterrestrials.

The Nazca Lines Were A Man-Made Ancient Alien Runway

What They Said: The Nazca Lines were a man-made ancient alien runway.

Why It Makes Sense: Nazca, Peru has been heavily researched because of its compelling  man-made landscapes. Images of the desert clearly show long, flat stripes that stretch on for miles across mountains and valleys – resembling an airport landing strip. How could a primitive civilization have altered the landscape so drastically, and why? This question remains unanswered to this day, and is part of the reason why the Nazca Lines are such a renowned mystery.

The Mysterious Antikythera Mechanism Is An Ancient Extraterrestrial Computer

What They Said: The mysterious Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient extraterrestrial computer.

Why It Makes Sense: In 1901, scuba divers off the coast of Antikythera discovered a strange box inside ashipwreck. Nearly 50 years later, after x-raying the box, a team of scientists discovered it contained acomplex clockwork mechanism made up of over 30 bronze gears. The device dates back to 150 BCE, and is believed to have tracked the location of the moon and sun through the solar system. Ancient Alien theorists believe that such an advanced computer-like device could not have been created with such primitive technology, and that it must have extraterrestrial ties.

The Bible References Extraterrestrial Visits

What They Said: In the Book of Ezekiel, it states that Earth was visited by “four-faced winged creatures in the likeness of men, who traveled upon a gleaming wheeled device.” Ancient cultures may have interpreted this advanced technology as the power of the gods.

Why It Makes Sense: In the Old Testament there are several accounts of God or his angels visiting Earth. Each of these visits is accompanied by clouds of smoke and unnatural noises, and sometimes even mention flying machines.  Ancient Alien theorists believe these to be the descriptions of past visits from extraterrestrials, similar to how more primitive civilizations thought WWII war planes were holy figuresdescending from the sky simply because they didn’t know how to explain such advanced technology.

Enoch From The Old Testament Was Abducted By Extraterrestrials

What They Said: Enoch from the Old Testament was abducted by extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense: The Book of Enoch is known as one of the Lost Books of the Bible, and details Enoch’s personal accounts with God. Enoch was apparently taken one day and then “ walked faithfully with God 300 years.” Ancient Alien theorists believe this to be a first-hand account of an abduction, detailing the aliens’ names, their jobs, and noting that they even taught Enoch how to read and write in their language.

The Egyptians Were Taught The Secrets Of Electricity By Ancient Aliens

What They Said: The ancient Egyptians were taught the secrets of electricity by aliens.

Why It Makes Sense: Most mainstream archeologists believe that torches were used to light the inside of Egyptian tombs, but there is no evidence of soot or smoke damage to be found. Ancient Alien theorists believe that the Egyptian Temple of Dandera actually shows evidence of ancient Egyptian lightbulbs being used to light the tomb. Glyphs on the wall of the temple even depict a bulbed device with a filament. Theorists believe that electricity was a closely kept secret gifted to them by alien beings, and that Dandera is where the knowledge of the mythical light-giving source was stored. This theory was further solidified whenBaghdad Batteries began being found in Iraq, explaining how Egyptians could have generated a charge for the lights. How could they have discovered this technology on their own?

Different Cultures Have Clear Illustrations Of Ancient Astronauts

What They Said: Many early cultures around the world made illustrations clearly depicting ancient alien astronauts.

Why It Makes Sense: Ancient cave drawings all around the world depict figures dressed in strange attire with unusual headgear. Ancient Alien theorists believe these to be illustrations of extraterrestrials who visited Earth thousands of years ago. Petroglyphs in Utah depict strange creatures with helmets and antennae, while halfway around the globe we see similar illustrations in the plains of Australia as well as in  countless other countries. What could have driven all these ancient civilizations to draw such a thing?

The Piri Reis Map Was Created By Extraterrestrials

What They Said: The Piri Reis map was created with the assistance of extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense: In 1929, historians discovered a map painted onto an animal hide. The map belonged to a 16th century Turkish admiral named Piri Reis, and included land masses that still hadn’t been explored – it even depicted the coast of Antarctica as it sits below the existing mile-thick layer of ice. Signs indicate that the map must have been made before Antarctica froze over, which would have been many, many millions of years ago. And when comparing the Piri Reis map to a modern map of the world, cartographers found minute details and specific topography markings that would only have been possible to conceptualize through aerial observation. How could ancient cartographers have created such an accurate map without assistance from advance technologies?

Pacal The Great Was An Extraterrestrial

What They Said: Pacal the Great was an extraterrestrial.

Why It Makes Sense: The Mayans worshipped Pacal the Great as a demigod, and after he died they buried him in the  Pyramids of Palenque. His sarcophagus includes a carving that Ancient Alien theorists believe depicts a man ascending into space with a mask over his nose whose hands are turning knobs and whose feet are controlling pedals. The image features Pacal sitting upright in a giant rocket-shaped craft. Where did the Mayans get these ideas from?

The Great Pyramids Of Giza Were Created By Extraterrestrials

What They Said: The Great Pyramids of Giza were created with the assistance of extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense: It took 2.5 million limestone and granite rocks to build the Great Pyramid, and is claimed to have been completed in just 22 years back in 2560 BCE. However, many modern architects and engineers don’t agree with those estimates. Some of the stones used were the size of railway cars, and weighed thousands of tons. In order for the Great Pyramids to have been built in only 22 years, it would have required a new stone to be cut, transported, and placed every 9 seconds. And that’s not including the painfully detailed alignment and precise architecture. Ancient Alien theorists believe that the Egyptians wereassisted by extraterrestrials. Ancient Egyptian texts also claim that the temple was built with the help of Saurit Pharaoh, who was known by the Hebrew as Enoch, the man who went to live with God for 300 years.

The Mayans Were Extraterrestrials

What They Said: The Mayans were extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense: The Mayans were a remarkable culture and had one of the most advanced calendarsmathematical systems, and language of any civilization – not to mention an obsession with the stars. Strangely, the Mayans vanished around 500 CE. Some Ancient Alien theorists believe that the Mayans were actually extraterrestrials themselves, and simply decided to leave Earth at that time.

Teotihuacan Was Built By Extraterrestrials

What They Said: The Teotihuacan Pyramid was built with the assistance of extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense: The ancient Mexican city of  Teotihuacan is home to another of the world’s remarkable pyramids. Teotihuacan literally means “City of the Gods,” and in the center of the town sits the Pyramid of the Sun – the perimeter of which is almost identical to that of the Great Pyramid of GizaAncient Alien theorists believe that these two cultures were taught the same skills by an extraterrestrial life form. According to Mexican legends, these pyramids were built by the gods during a previous mass extinction.

Stonehenge Was Built By Extraterrestrials

What They Said: Stonehenge had to have been built by extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense:  Ordered in a circle and comprised of nearly 100 visible stones – some of them forming arches –  Stonehenge in England was certainly built to last for thousands of years; however, the origins of Stonehenge are still unknown. There is little-to-no documented evidence of how Stonehenge was assembled, and yet, 3,000 miles away in the 17,000 year old city of Tiwanaku, Bolivia, remarkably similar inexplicable stone arches can be found, which Ancient Alien theorists believe is evidence that extraterrestrials assisted both cultures.

The Inexplicable Devastation Of Pumapunku Was Caused By Extraterrestrials

What They Said: The great stone structures of Pumapunku were created and destroyed by extraterrestrials.

Why It Makes Sense:  Pumapunku is home to a field of demolished megalithic structures. They were constructed by the Aymara Indians, but no one knows why these structures existed or where they even came from. The nearest quarry is over ten miles away, and some of the stones used in the structures weighed hundreds of tons. That coupled with the precision with which these structures were made, leadAncient Alien theorists to believe that they were made with extraterrestrial technology. Many of the cuts made into these stones could only be done by diamond-tipped machines, and would not have been possible with stone-age hand tools.