Animals Who Have Really Gotten Themselves in a Predicament

This list of funny pets in predicaments includes everything from stuck to furry little guys and gals who have found themselves in slippery situations they’re not quite sure how to get out of. There are acrobatic who climbed too high and can’t get down, plus (and even a cow!) who decided to see if their heads would fit through random objects. Spoiler alert: they didn’t, and the poor little guys had to end up wearing those objects as accidental necklaces.

“At Last Give Me a Push!”

“If I Fits I… Smooshes.”

Frank Insists the Slide Shrank

“The Blinds Started It.”

Optimistic Remains Adorably Optimistic

Behold Houdini Hound’s Levitation Skills

“A Guy Goes to Buy a Butterfinger and the Next Thing You Know…”

“Nobody Here but Us Lawn Chairs” – Sam the Reluctant Sheep at Sheering Time

This Is Not How You Hammock

“A Little Help Here?”

“I Was Just… Checking to Make Sure It Was Safe for the Cat.”

“Dismounts Are a B*tch.”

“Oh, Hey… You’re Home Early.”

This Poor Guy Is Hanging in There a Little Too Literally

Charlie Dreams of Becoming an Astronaut

Bob’s Love of Root Beer Goes Too Far

“OMG Fred, Grab the Camera! The Gals on Are Gonna Die!”

“Just Don’t Look Down, You Said. It’ll Be Fine, You Said.”

When Hangers Attack

“Just Thought I’d Pop In and Say Hello. How to Pop Back Out, However…”

“Don’t Move! I’m Just… Er… Eh… Smooshing My Way Over…”

“…Okay, It’s Totally What It Looks Like.”

“I Really Think You’re Taking This Way Too Personally, Dude.”

“Mother of God, I Thought It Was a Stationary Deck!”

Stealth Cat Assures Is Sure You Can’t See Him

“I’m Not as Think as You Drunk I Am.”

Totally Helping with the Yard Work

“Check My New Hat, Bro.”

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