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The Most Annoying Photos of Rich Kids on Snapchat

Private Jets. Cases of Dom. Designer Duds. Yachts and mansions. Rich kids really are different than you and me, and they LOVE to brag about it on social media. We’ve all seen their exploits on Instagram. Their latest outlet? . This collection of annoying rich kid photos will make you red in the face and green with jealousy. (As green as the contents of their wallets? Probably not.)

See the 1% drive luxury cars we can only dream of, watch them vacation in places we’ll likely never see. We hope most of these images are tongue-in-cheek commentary on the current state of things, but if they’re not, the Rich Kids Of Snapchat could use a little lesson in humility.

Life Is Hard Sometimes

We’d Rather Spend That $55 In ANY Other Way

The Dollar Menu Is Wasted on This Guy

Take the Red One

Absolutely Sick With Cash

This Person Actually May Not Know What Humble Means

Damn. It’s Gonna Be a Hell of a Summer!

Yea But When You Stub Your Toe On It

A Rich Kid Phoning It In

Slumming It Hard

Not Sold At Office Depot

A Pen That Louis XIV Would Be Proud Of

Seems Like You’d Run Into That Problem A Lot

Dogs Can Be Discerning Too

Yea, But You Can’t Spell

Sounds Like This May Be a Problem for Him in the Real World

It’s A Hard Knock Life

Workin’ for the Weekend. . . Not

You Bought That From a Grocery Store?? Ha.

A Fistful of Dollars

Sailing the High Seas in Style

Guessing a Jansport Is Out of the Cards?

The Keys to Her Heart

Nice Watch Product Placement

Yea, But Where Are the Silver Guns??

A Self Portrait

Washing it Down with Dom

Who’s Got The Tab?

What’s It Like to Live at Hogwarts?

If Those Bottles Fall and Break. . . EVERYONE Loses

Makes a Good Paper Weight Too

Bowling for Dom

This Should Come Standard in All Vehicles

Elite Universities: Where White Collar Criminals Are Born

Okay. . . That’s Pretty Cool

Flying High

Problem #5: Buying Dumb Products

Imagine All of the Leg Room

Meh, Chocolate Still Sounds Better

Someone is Swimming in Cash

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