32 Aquaman Jokes, Because He Sucks

Aquaman come in every way, shape, and form. From funny about Aquaman, to the best Aquaman webcomics ever, but either way, people thinking Aquaman sucks has become kind of a meme.

So here are Aquaman’s greatest internet moments in sucking, be it from actual Aquaman comics themselves, people making jokes or Photoshops about Aquaman being lame, or screencaps from cartoons where Aquaman is just the worst. 

Aquaman's Comeback

Aquaman Uses His Powers

Sushi Time With Aquaman!

The Invisible Jet

Aquaman Finds Nemo

Aquaman Just Has Suicide Bombers

Aquaman Helping the Cops

Aquaman’s Preferred Method of Flight

Another One of These

Batman Tells Aquaman What Everyone Thinks

Even Auto Correct Has No Respect

Someone Loves Aquaman

Aquaman at the Nursery

Aquaman On Clean-Up Crew

Aquaman’s Inferiority Complex

That’s Real… Cool?… Aquaman?…

Aquaman On Social Media

BP Aquaman

Aquaman Fish

Burglars Vs. Aquaman

Aquaman Gets Ball-Kicked by the Joker

Aquaman Tries to Save Metropolis

Aquaman Action Figures

Aquaman Is His Own Joke

Aquaman Vs. Dolphins

U.S. Navy With Aquaman

Nobody Appreciates Him

His Only Friends