All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”


For decades, Roswell has been America’s No.1 UFO conspiracy-baiting attraction. However, a mysterious plot of land in Utah has started to attract much of the same kind of attention. Dugway Proving Ground is a monstrously big military facility – over 800,000 acres worth of ground, if you include the Utah Test and Training Range next door.

It was founded during the second World War for biological and chemical weapons experiments, some of the details of which have only recently been released to the public. The director of Dugway’s West Desert Test Center, Ryan Harris, told FOX 13 News in 2016 that “throughout the history of Dugway, it has evolved to what we currently do which is defensive chemical, biological and some radiological and explosive defense materials to ensure they meet war fighter specifications.”

Despite this assurance, there’s still a huge cloud of mystery hanging over Dugway, and this – coupled with numerous reports of UFO sightings around the facility, reports of testing biological warfare on soldiers, and the infamous Dugway sheep kill incident – have led to it being labeled “Area 52.”

Thousands Of Sheep Died Near Dugway in 1968
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

One of the most well-known creepy things connected to Dugway is the dead sheep incident. In 1968, testing for a chemical weapon called “VX” got out of hand. Considering the test was done in the air with planes spitting out drops of the nerve agent into the wind, the risks seem obvious in retrospect.

The dangerous chemical apparently got swept away amid strong gusts and blew into the nearby farmland in Skull Valley – which, with a name like that, seems tragically ironic. After a few days, between 4,000-6,000 sheep were dead. The military refused to accept blame for the incident but still coughed up the money to compensate the angry farmers.

Unseen Records Of Dugway Experiments Were Released in 2016, Including Tests To Make Mosquitos Into Weapons
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

In 2016, founder Michel Morisy received a gold mine of information from the military after filing Freedom of Information requests. Dating back to the ’60s, the records detailed a lot of weird experiments worthy of several supervillain origin stories that the US Army and been up to.

“A lot of far out research, the James Bond-ey sort of stuff that we see,” Michael told FOX 13. “A lot of that stuff has never been made public.”

Of all the strange testing that was going on in the name of both military offense and defense, “Entomological Munitions” was one of the most far-out. “They loaded up mosquitos with what they said was an inert disease, an inert bacteria, an inert virus and actually released that on civilian populations in the United States,” Michael explains.

Humans Were Experimented On At Dugway
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

The records of freaky experiments carried out at Dugway that were released in 2016 as a result Freedom of Information requests included detailed accounts of soldiers being used as human guinea pigs.

For Steve Erickson of the Citizens Education Project, these revelations are worrying. “Things have changed since then, but there is that long legacy of human experimentation, as well as other questionable activities by the U.S. Army at Dugway Proving Ground,” he told FOX 13.

Dugway’s West Desert Test Center director Ryan Harris gave FOX 13 a tour of some of the non-secret work that goes on in Dugway these days to try and ease concerns. “When it comes to chemical and biological materials, it’s all defensive,” he assured. “There’s no longer any offensive work anymore.”

An Engineer Claims His Company Contracted By Dugway Have “Flying Saucer” Technology
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

Don Phillips, an engineer for Lockheed – one of Dugway’s biggest defense contractors – supports claimsmade by UFO investigators and Lockheed’s former CEO, Dr. Ben Rich, that his company did indeed conduct experiments to do with “flying saucer technology.”

He says scientists were aided by the remains of a crashed craft from Roswell. “These UFOs were huge and they would just come to a stop and do a 60 degree, 45 degree, 10 degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action.”

A Man Went Missing Without A Trace Near Dugway in 2011
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

On May 8, 2011, a local man named Joseph Bushling was driving away from Dugway at 4am – something that, according to a friend of his – wasn’t too unusual. This time, however, Joseph never returned home.

On the day of his disappearance, he left a strange voicemail for Herman Herrera, a former Lieutenant of Special Operations: “It’s Bushling, um, I need a ride. Alright, talk to you later.” Herman said he called again after that and Joseph sounded “frantic.” His car was found empty about 65 miles away from the main entrance to Dugway a week later. His hat and shoes were also found nearby, but there was no sign of a body.

There was no evidence of assault or that he had killed himself. “It was unusual on many fronts,” Tooele County Sheriff Frank Park told FOX 13. “Usually, you can work back. Once you find the victim, you can work backward, and you can get some really solid answers. We never had a victim. We never had a subject, and we had no idea why we couldn’t find him.”

Locals Claim To Have Seen UFOs And Planes “Disappearing Into Thin Air” Around Dugway
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

Where there’s secret military operations, tight security and bizarre experiments going on, UFO sightings are always sure to follow. In the The History Channel’s UFO Hunters episode on Area 52, residents from Utah were interviewed about what they’d seen around the vast and shady military base on their desert doorsteps.

A man known as “Alien Dave” claimed to have seen a plane disappear from the sky, discovered an underground fort in the side of one of the surrounding mountains, and even seen an electro-magnetic beam blasting into space from the facility.

A former police officer from a nearby reservation (a job title that carries a little more weight than Dave’s nickname) goes even further – suggesting that actual flying saucers have been hovering in the desert and could move quicker than any plane from Earth.

The CEO Of A Dugway Defense Contractor Claimed He’d Been Working Secretly On Technology To “Take E.T Home”
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”v

Much like Area 51, “Area 52” is a magnet for UFO enthusiasts looking for evidence that the US government secretly obtained and has been experimenting with alien technology for years. One of the biggest revelations they point to are confessions from Dr. Ben Rich, the former CEO of one of Dugway’s biggest defense contractors.

Respected Ufologist Steven Greer claims that Dr. Rich admitted that he’d been part of secret military projects for years to develop “anti-gravity” technology that could power spacecrafts capable of taking “E.T home.”

“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity,” Dr Rich explained. “Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

It’s Almost Impossible To Get Into
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

As a highly secured military facility, it’s not that surprising that tourists can’t just waltz straight through the front door of Dugway and start taking selfies with scientists mid-chemical weapons testing. That being said, when journalist Arvid Keeson decided to investigate just how hard it would be to gain access to the facility, his experience was eye-opening.

“We entered the gates by showing my Utah State Legislature press credentials, but we were told we still must check in with security to gain permission for a tour. While we were waiting to speak to Dugway’s PR director, we watched a group of men wearing bulletproof vests with handguns enter Dugway in their Ford Excursions. They appeared to be Army Special Forces. One man told me he was there for anti-terrorist training. After a 30-minute wait, I was denied access because I had an unpaid ticket on my driving record. My colleague was denied because he wasn’t an American citizen. After being escorted out by police, I began to wonder: What is really going on here?”

Much like Roswell, Dugway’s border is also patrolled constantly by guards who will stop anyone that comes too close to the facility from each of the surrounding mountains. Talk about paranoid.

A Whole Section Of It Is Left Off Of Publicly Accessible Material
All The Crazy And Disturbing Stuff That’s Gone Down At Dugway, The Government’s Secret “Area 52”

Dugway Proving Ground is so big, Rhode Island would have no problem relocating to it with room for more. Like most other similar facilities, it is also a place military personnel call home, with the northern area made up mainly of houses, schools and places to eat and exercise. Detailed maps of these residential districts can be found on Dugway’s website.

But, as some journalists and Ufologists have pointed out, much of the southern area – which the Air Force expanded into in 2004 – is curiously missing from the website. The section contains a runway thought to be big enough for a spaceship to land on, and security around it has considerably tightened up since then.

There Has Been Money Disappearing Mysteriously From The Government’s Defense Budget For Years

In his documentary The Sirius Project, leading Ufologist Steven Greer puts forward his evidence that trillions of dollars has been siphoned out into a “shadow” government from the main government’s budget for years operating beyond the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense – and even the President.

He claims that, just before 9/11, $3 trillion (a quarter of the military’s budget) went missing from the military’s defense funds. Greer says that this irregularity has been going on since the second World War when it would have been channeled into funding secret operations like the Manhattan Project. Nowadays, the money could be going towards the E.T research at Dugway instead.