30 Awesome Examples of Cosplay with a Twist

Sure, Cosplay is awesome, but what makes Cosplay costumes even more awesome is when they’re done with a little twist. Have you always wanted to see Slave Princess Leia versions of Disney princesses? No problem. How about Wolverine combined with Boba Fett? Yup, this picture gallery has that too. And for all of you weirdos who always wanted to see Ronald McDonald combined with Thor, unfortunately there’s a photo of that too. These are truly creative and unique cosplay ideas brought to life. Hopefully these costume hybrids will motivate future cosplayers to combine at least three or more fictional characters into one costume in the very near future.

Mystique Transformation

Wookie and the Beast

Walking the AT-AT

Dartha Maul


Super Friends Gender Swap

Renaissance Weapon X

Mr. and Mrs. Vader

Slave Disney Princesses

Renaissance Batman and Robin

Wonder Fett

Iron Wolverine

It's a Trap!

Homeless Waldo


Frozen Slave Leia

Halo America


Playboy Captain Kirk

Sexy Stormtrooper

Darth Predator

Slave Little Mermaid

Pimp Trooper

Captain Deadpool

Ronald McThor

Spiderwoman and Black Cat

Princess Superwoman

The Three Snow Whites

Hipster Ariel

Deadpool Irony