Awesome Outdoor Advertisements

These outdoor advertisements caught on to the public’s boredom, and decided to do something about it. The marketing teams that came up with these bad boys found brilliant ways to update boring tactics without getting so splashy that no one notices what they are trying to sell. These outdoor ads dare to offer you more than just a clever joke. From convenient built-in benches to crazy road-swallowing women, these cool billboards found way better ways to convince you to spend your hard earned cash. So take some time to appreciate the coolest new marketing ads around.

Extra Points for Incorporating the Truck

This Cool Shadow Sign Offers You Solace in Its Shade

Very Hansel and Gretel. In a Good Way.

This Mangled PSA Makes an Excellent Point

So Simple Yet So Great

David Stone’s Day Just Got a Lot Better

Seriously IBM, Keep ‘Em Coming

This Pearly White Crosswalk, Courtesy of Mr. Clean

Someone Managed to Make Insurance Shopping Fun

If This Giant Slingshot Doesn’t Make You Buckle up, Nothing Will

Life-Size HotWheels Ad = Winning

A Duct Tape Ad that Held Togehter by Duct Tape

Super Clever Ad for “Sky Colored” Paint

Boom! Meet the Instant Afro Chair!

Popeye, Is That You?

So Many Bonus Points for the Migraine-Inducing Wrecking Ball

Nothing Suppresses Your Appetite Like a Terrifying Plunge Down a Stranger’s Esophagus

You Can’t Help but Root for Him, Even Though He’s a Sign…

Ah, a Periscope. We See What They Did There!

Beat the Competition by Painting Them on to the Back of Your Truck

Awesome Ad for a Car Service Center

When Sign Models Strike Back!

How Many Drunks Have Tried to Sip This One?

Do You See a Girl’s Face or a Rabbit Silhouette?

Watch This Billboard Absorb Pollution While Drinking a Coke

The Car Ad that Launched a Million Double Takes

An Ikea Billboard Cool Enough to Make You Forget That Assembly Is Still Required

Kinda Weird, but Super Original

This Billboard Lets You Feel Like a Hero

You Gotta Be Pretty Pissed to Lift a Light That Heavy

This Interactive McDonald’s Sign Is Sure to Bring Out the Kid in Anyone

Quite Possibly the Most Brilliant Car Ad Ever

What Better Advertisement for the Beach?

Adidas Just Got Infinitely Cooler…

Stealthy, Google. Stealthy.