Awful Comic Book Cake FAILs That’ll Make You Hulk Smash


Not all heroes wear capes. A lot of them wear those chef hats and work in bakeries. They are the chosen ones. The ones capable of making comic book that don’t look absolutely terrifying. And then there are these comic book cake . These are so awful that they probably ruined some kid’s birthday. Which is awful. A birthday is meant to be a special day for a child, and their birthday cake is meant to make them feel like they’re the only boy or girl in the world. Not these cakes. These are cakes so bad that they’re almost capable of making you afraid of cake. And nobody should ever live in a world where they’re afraid of cake. Nobody.

Herk Smersh!

Jesus and The Avengers

Blackface Cyclops Superman


Angry Bird Batman

The Little Derpmaid

Spider Screams

Avenge This Cake

The Deadpool Cake from Hell

So Close

Yeah, That’s Supposed to Be Wolverine

Jewish Captain

Web of Lies


Crazy Eyes Hulk

Unwonderful Woman

Bro, Do You Even Superhero?

With Bad Cake Comes No Responsibility

Ouch is Right

Iron Square

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