The Most Awful Pieces of Fan Art Ever Made

Not everyone is Michelangelo. Many people have enough trouble with stick figures and major props should be given to anyone who can make their drawings actually look like something, including the dedicated fans of celebrities who created these, um, weird fan drawings. The people on this list deserve a round of applause, for not only creating these images, but having the courage to post them and have them critiqued – not only by the masses, but perhaps by the entity they are meant to emulate. Here you’ll find a gallery of some of the truly worst fan ever created, that is so awful, so bad, that it’s actually kind of fantastic.

The included here is the best of the worst we’ve found. Some people are immediately identifiable, while others… well, it make take you sec. From Tom Cruise that would make even the most die hard Top Gun fan cringe and some crazy from those avid One Direction loving tweens, there’s plenty of terrible drawings for you to enjoy (?) here.

Remember, beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. You might find a few of these fan drawings of celebrities, actors, musicians, and stars truly inspirational, though more likely they’ll just make you want to look away. But before you do, vote up the most horrifying, awful, insanely bad fan art of celebs below!

Jennifer Aniston Channeling Aileen Wuornos

Rihanna Shines Bright Like Cubic Zirconia with This Likeness

An Absolutely Terrifying Lucille Ball

David Schwimmer, Apparently

Surely This Is How Britney Spears Will Want to Be Remembered

Justin Bieber Looking Like Wallace of Wallace and Gromit Fame

Cubist Tom Cruise

Kanye’s Fan Art Is as Minimal and Weird as His Clothing Designs

Bruce Willis as a Neanderthal

Zayn Malik of One Direction, Taken in the Wrong Direction

Julia Roberts, or Not-So-Pretty Woman

Daniel Craig, or Double Oh No!

Morgan Freeman Channeling a Creepy David Duchovny

Christopher Walken: This Drawing Needs More Cowbell!

Cher, or Long Lost Kardashian Sister

Madonna Reinventing Herself Yet Again

Brad Pitt Without the Fame and Fortune

Harrison Ford, or Indiana Jones if the Boulder Hadn’t Missed

The Rock (aka, Dwayne Johnson) Looking Very Chiseled

Lazy Eyed Zack Braff

Princess Grace of Monaco Looking a Lot Less Regal

The Artist Means to Draw Christian Bale, Accidentally Draws Rob Lowe Instead

A Far Less Confident Bruce Lee

Kanye Looking Like Neil deGrasse Tyson

Beyonce (We Don’t Really Believe it Either)

Erin Moran of Happy Days? Nope: Harry Styles!

Justin Timberlake in His Cutest French Maid Costume

Daniel Radcliffe During Harry Potter’s Awkward Phase

Skrillex, Looking Afraid – Very Afraid

To Quote Phoebe Buffay: “Oh No!”

Rob Pattinson as Axe-Wielding Murderer

Russell Brand (or maybe George Harrison?)

Sarah Jessica Parker Taking a Fashion Tip from Britney Spears, Circa 2007